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Water Turbine & Turbine Related Patents DOWNLOAD

Water Turbine & Turbine Related Patents DOWNLOAD
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This Download is loaded with information related to water turbines and turbine parts and accessories, with descriptions of how they work, how they are constructed, their functions and use, with detailed images of turbine designs.


Sample Titles of Patented Inventions from this Download
Ambient pressure water turbine
Apparatus and method for controlling water turbine
Apparatus and methods for controlling the supply of water mist to a gas-turbine compressor
Apparatus comprising a turbine and associated water extractor and method of translating the potential energy of deep sea water into useful work
Apparatus for controlling the operation of a water turbine or a pump turbine and a method thereof
Apparatus for preventing blowing out of the water supply of constant pressure air storage installations of gas turbine power plants
Bearing cooling system in horizontal shaft water turbine generator
Channel for feeding water to a vertical-axis Kaplan water turbine
Combined water-wash and wet-compression system for a gas turbine compressor and related method
Constant pressure air storage installation with water supply for gas turbine power plants
Constant pressure storage installation with water supply for gas turbine power plants
Control system for gas turbine inlet-air water-saturation and supersaturation system
Control systems and methods for water injection in a turbine engine
Device and method for degassing make-up water for a steam turbine process
Double acting turbine for converting wave energy of water to electrical power
Driving and water pouring control device for dental air-turbine handpiece
Fabrication of gas turbine water-cooled composite nozzle and bucket hardware employing plasma spray process
Floating water turbine
Fuel nozzles with water injection for gas turbine engines
Gas turbine engine system with water injection
Gas turbine engine water ingestion compensation system
Gas turbine engine with improved water ingestion prevention
Gas turbine engine with water injection
Gas turbine having water droplet injector
Gas turbine having water spray injection control
Gas turbine inlet air integrated water saturation and supersaturation system and related process
Gas turbine installation with regenerator and water injection
Gas turbine pilot burner water injection and method of operation
Gas turbine plant having a water or steam cooled energy exchanger
Gas turbine power plant fired by a water-bearing fuel and method for utilizing the heat value of said fuel
Gas turbine with water injection
Grooved visco seal for stationary discharge chamber of water-cooled turbine generator
Hand-held cleaning tool with remote water turbine power source
Helical turbine assembly operable under multidirectional gas and water flow for power and propulsion systems
Hydraulic turbine for enhancing the level of dissolved gas in water
Hydroelectric turbine for producing electricity from a water current
Liquid fuel and water injection purge system for a gas turbine
Liquid fuel and water injection purge systems and method for a gas turbine having a three-way purge valve
Method and apparatus for controlling a water turbine
Method and apparatus for monitoring the fuel and water supply of a gas turbine multiburner system
Method and apparatus for operating a steam turbine plant having feed water heaters
Method and apparatus for optimizing the operating parameters of a double-regulated water turbine
Method of assembling a turbine runner situated in a water passageway
Method of controlling operating depth of an electricity-generating device having a tethered water current-driven turbine
Method of fabricating composite structures for water cooled gas turbine components
Method of manufacturing stay ring for water turbine and pump turbine
Method of operating water-turbine or pump water-turbine
Method of protecting gas turbine combustor components against water erosion and hot corrosion
Methods and apparatus for injecting water into gas turbine engines
Methods and apparatus for water injection in a turbine engine
Nozzles for water injection in a turbine engine
Oil and water supply system for a gas turbine
Power generating water turbine
Process for producing turbine bucket with water droplet erosion protection
Reactor-turbine control for low steam pressure operation in a pressurized water reactor
Seal arrangement for a discharge chamber for water cooled turbine generator rotor
Steam turbine control utilizing a water hydraulic drive
System and method for determining gas turbine firing and combustion reference temperatures having correction for water content in fuel
System for operating a boiling water reactor steam turbine plant with a combined digital computer and analog control
System for operating a boiling water reactor steam turbine power plant utilizing dual analog throttle pressure controllers
System for providing early warning of potential water induction events and enabling rapid steam turbine restarts
Turbine drive water sprinkler
Turbine generator for use in axial water flow
Turbine rotor tip water collector
Turbine water atomizer
Under water hydro-turbine energy generator design
Valving system for water flow to turbine engine emission system
Venturi for use in the swirl cup package of a gas turbine combustor having water injected therein
Water augmented indirectly-fired gas turbine systems and method
Water collector for steam turbine exhaust system
Water cooled automotive gas turbine engine
Water current turbine sleeve mounting
Water driven turbine
Water injection into a gas turbine using purge air
Water injection system for industrial gas turbine engine
Water trap valve for fail safe operation of an air inleakage monitoring system in a steam turbine
Water treatment system for ultrasonic inspection of turbine rotors from the bore
Water turbine
Water turbine and brush head using the water turbine for cleaning pipes
Water turbine and moving blade of water turbine
Water turbine arrangement
Water turbine arrangement for power generation
Water turbine arrangement for power generation using tidal energy
Water turbine generator system
Water turbine or water pump
Water wheel turbine for water power stations
Water-cooled turbine blade
Water-injected stoichiometric-combustion gas turbine engine
Water-turbine runner and process for manufacturing the same
Whirl-wind vertical axis wind and water turbine

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