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Thermal, Passive Solar and PV Plans (DOWNLOAD)

Thermal, Passive Solar and PV Plans (DOWNLOAD)
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This ZIP file contains ebooks including a very detailed ebook on passive solar water heating. Although written in 1981 in contains some very good information and is very well illustarted with diagrams and pictures in black and white. If you are interested in building a solar hot water sustem this is a great read and should help your a great deal.

The intorduction from the passive solar ebook - "The increasing cost and scarcity of oil, gas, and electricity has focused attention on the need for a transition to renewable energy sources. Solar energy will play an essential role in this effort, particularly for domestic and commercial space heating (and cooling) and water heating. This book is about the simplest type of solar water heaterthe integral passive solar water heater. Solar systems for heating space or water can be divided into two classes-passive and active systems. The essential difference is that passive systems need no auxiliary power to operate while active systems are dependent on externally driven fans or pumps. Passive solar systems typically are very simple, low in cost, built with readily available building materials, reliable, durable, and cost-effective. Many passive systems have only one moving part-the sun-which in large part accounts for their reliability. Passive solar water heaters can be further subdivided into two classes: systems in which the functions of heat collection and storage are separate (the thermosiphon flat plate systems), and systems with combined collection and storagethe integral passive solar water heater (IPSWH), pronounced "ipswah"). IPSWH systems are much less widely known despite some inherent advantages, especially simplicity, economy, and resistance to freezing." 


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