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The Biodiesel Handbook

The Biodiesel Handbook
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Author Gerhard Knothe, Jon Van Gerpen, Jürgen Krahl
Binding Pdf - 286 pages
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Publisher AOCS Press
Published date 2005
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The technical concept of using vegetable oils or animal fats or even used oils as a renew- able diesel fuel is a fascinating one. Biodiesel is now the form in which these oils and fats are being used as neat diesel fuel or in blends with petroleum-based diesel fuels.

The concept itself may appear simple, but that appearance is deceiving since the use of biodiesel is fraught with numerous technical issues. Accordingly, many researchers around the world have dealt with these issues and in many cases devised unique solutions. This book is an attempt to summarize these issues, to explain how they have been dealt with, and to present data and technical information. Countless legisla- tive and regulatory efforts around the world have helped pave the way toward the wide- spread application of the concept. This book addresses these issues also. To complete the picture, chapters on the history of vegetable oil-based diesel fuels, the basic concept of the diesel engine, and glycerol, a valuable byproduct of biodiesel production, are included.

We hope that the reader may find the information in this book useful and stimulat- ing and that most of the significant issues regarding biodiesel are adequately addressed. If a reader notices an error or inconsistency or has a suggestion to improve a possible future edition of this book, he or she is encouraged to contact us. This book has been compiled from the contributions of many authors, who gra- ciously agreed to do so. We express our deepest appreciation to all of them. We also sin- cerely thank the staff of AOCS Press for their professionalism and cooperation in bring- ing the book to print.

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