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The Amazing Plastic Still

The Amazing Plastic Still
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Amazing Still in English - the simplest home distiller in the world. Illustrated picture that shows how to build a plastic stiller at home within 15 minutes. The Amazing Still produces one liter (about one quart) 35-40% pure alcohol per day. Two runs needed to make the alcohol 55%. If you already own a still then the plastic still is a great tool to pre-distill the mash with because there is no boiling involved.

This is about as simple as a still can get. Its designed for making 'hooch' alcohol but several people on the Alcohol Discusion group HAVE made up to 160 Proof alcohol with it. Instead of doing 1 distillation with the still, they did 3 and got 160 proof. This put this into a lawn mower and cut the grass with it all summer. For mixing with gasoline for a modern car you want 180+ proof, but this is a good start. Espeically for powering a generator, mini-bike or other simple engines. Its a great way to start learning about making alcohol for fuel purposes.

NOTE: It is legal to own a plastic still but in some countries it is illegal to use it.

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