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Gas Dynamics - ebook
SKU: gd/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 500 pages17 pages.

This book is written for the average student who wants to learn the fundamentals of gas dynamics. It aims at the undergraduate level and thus requires a minimum of prerequisites. The writing style is informal and incorporates ideas in educational technology such as behavioral objectives, meaningful summaries, and check tests. Such features make this book well suited for self-study as well as for conventional course presentation. Sufficient material is included for a typical one-quarter or onesemester course, depending on the student’s background.

Engineering Manual ebook
SKU: em/000/100
Binding: Zip download - 65mb

This ebook contains engineering training manuals. The zipped file is over 65MB so will take a while to download it. Once you have downloaded it and unzipped it just click on autorun.

Pumps and Hydraulic Rams
SKU: phr/335/000
Binding: Paperback 193 Pages

A hydraulic ram is a water-powered cyclic pump. It harnesses the forces of water hammer to pump a portion of the water being used to power the pump to a point higher than where the water originally started. It is sometimes used in remote areas, where the right conditions exist, since it requires no outside source of power other than the kinetic energy of falling water.

Chapters include: suction pumps and lift pumps, making simple suction pumps, pump cup leathers, pump valves, ram or plunger pumps, making a bucket and plunger pump, construction of a plumber's force pump, wooden pumps, small pumps for special purposes, centrifugal pumps, air-lift and pulsometer pumps, and hydraulic rams.

The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted and is not just a scanned copy of the original.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments eBook
SKU: gbc/ebook/000

During the 1960's this book was pulled from all public libraries and banned for sale by the government. The reason was the experiments and information contained were considered too dangerous for the general public, especially young children. The hard copy of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is extremely rare and very expensive if your lucky enough to find a copy for sale.

This educational and fun book shows you how to set up a home laboratory and how to conduct over 200 simple experiments. It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject or for parents who want to broaden their child’s understanding of science.

This great book describes what chemistry is and covers the equipment required, the words used by chemists with meanings and allows you to conduct your own experiments and learn. Each experiment is set out in simple easy to follow steps and tells you what materials you will need and how to do it.

Water - homemade ram pump ebook
SKU: whrpe/ebook/000
Several designs conained in a 20 page ebook.
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How to Use Tin Can Metal in Science Projects
SKU: htutcm/160/524
Binding: Softback

Written by a teacher who clearly believed in showing his pupils how they could do something with nothing, or old tin cans, the first 35 pages of this book cover just how you can work tin sheet from cans into many shapes, plus some tools to help. This is followed by instructions on how to build Hero’s Turbine, a Walking Beam Engine, a Crosshead Engine and an Internal Combustion Type of Engine - all from tin cans. In truth, of these only the first is a working model, but the ideas and techniques here are interesting and potentially useful, so consider treating yourself to a copy of this 120 page, profusely illustrated, paperback. Lindsay Publications

Pump Types - water pump, peristaltic, metering ...ebook
SKU: feed/pump/460

If you own, work with or are studying a water pump, sump pump, pool pump, chemical pump, industrial pump or any other type of pump, you will find the knowledge in this book by Mike Sondalini very valuable. Mike gives you insight to design, uses, installation, calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance for the various pump types in his book titled "Pump Types Explained". Mike starts out with details about the centrifugal pump with pump curves, cavitations and how to correct the situation. In addition to the centrifugal pump chapters, the peristaltic pump (hose pump), metering pump (dosing pump), gear pump, helical pump and the magnetic drive pump are explained. Of special interest during the design phase is Mike's cost / accuracy guide to pump types. Learn how to choose the right pump for the job, get a copy of "Pump Types Explained" now!

The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - ebook
SKU: ljnt/ebook/000

Tesla is preceded in greatness only by Michael Faraday who in 1831 rocked the scientific world with his discovery that magnetism can produce electricity, if it is accompanied by motion. Faraday discovered the principle, but not how to make it power the world; Tesla alone accomplished this singular feat. Tesla is one of only two Americans to have a unit of electrical measurement named in his honor. Names for units of electrical measurement are derived by using the names of scientists who made the greatest contributions in electrical science, forming perhaps the most elite group in the world. Throughout the entire history of electrical science only fifteen men worldwide have received this honor. Tesla is one of these great men. In addition, Tesla received fifteen honorary degrees from famous universities worldwide, including Yale and Columbia in the United States.


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Forensic Engineering Investigation
SKU: fei/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 451 pages.

Forensic Engineering Investigation provides analyses and methods for determining how something was damaged and when the damage may have legal consequences. It covers 21 of the more common types of failures, catastrophic events, and losses that a forensic engineer may be called upon to assess. Each chapter is self-contained, highly specific, and succinct.

Petrol-Driven Motor Cars (1909)
SKU: pdmc/cam/062/000
Binding: Paperback: 24 pages

There is a huge amount of information on all aspects of the early development of the petrol-driven car up to 1909 in the 23 pages of this booklet. Amongst others you get information on the chassis, steering, wheels, transmissions, ignition, motors, and their balancing, all extracted from A Text-Book of Mechanical Engineering, published in London in 1909 although the contents cover British, European and American developments. 35 drawings and diagrams.

5cwt Engine Hoist
SKU: 5eh/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf
A small but useful hydraulic crane can be built using a suitable hydraulic jack. The
crane is able to fold for storage and can be constructed for a fraction of the
cost of a ready built engine crane. Construction requires welding
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Pumps and Hydraulic Rams
SKU: pahr/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf

Written by Paul Hasluck this book was published in 1907. The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted to help reading on the kindle and is not just a scanned copy of the original The formal title is Pumps and Hydraulic Rams with numerous engravings and diagrams.

Build a Wooden Oscillating Engine
SKU: bawoe/cam/152/444
Binding: Paperback
If you are starting in model engineering, have just bought your first lathe, or enlisted at night school, and are wondering what to build, Martin Gearing’s wooden oscillating engine, the building of which is described here, is an excellent first project. Equally, if you are looking for a project to enthuse the younger generation to make something that works, under your supervision, they don’t come better than this.
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Building the Maltese Falcon
SKU: btmf/cam/372/597
Binding: Paperback: 47 pages
Want to build a BIG model I.C. engine? This is a 260cc Flat Four, Side Valve engine which turns a (scale) 34" x 18" propeller at 2500 rpm, and measures 8" in length and depth, and 13" in width across the heads. Essentially designed to be built from solid, Jim can supply certain parts, notably a magneto kit, and standard Honda pistons can be used if you want to get your Maltese Falcon running as quickly as possible - parts suppliers are listed. Whilst not a beginner's project, this engine can be built by any competent model engineer, and even if you just build one as your next project, will give you the satisfaction of blowing the club away, when you finally demonstrate it at an "On the Table" Club Night! And, of course, having built the engine, you could then horrify the neighbours by building a giant model aircraft for it to power! But what really intrigues me about the Maltese Falcon is what else you could drive with it, in some cases with modifications to the cooling arrangements; large scale model road vehicles, notably a large scale model tractor, and 71?4" gauge railway motive power, but an outboard motor, a GT lawn mower and a motor bike would also all seem possible for the clever amongst you. In this book you get the full drawing set of 11 sheets, reduced in size to fit A3 format, and 36 A4 pages of notes, hints and tips on building the engine, plus numerous photos of parts and set-ups for making them; this isn't a construction manual in the sense of "Building the Bentley BR2....", but it is all good solid information aimed at helping the builder to make a 'model' I.C. engine which really will make people's jaws drop! Wirebound with card covers.
DIY Make an Arc Welder
SKU: agua/maw/7030

Build a 24 volt Portable Arc welder, also known as a Stick Welder. The unit runs off regular automotive diySufficient.com product money back garunteebatteries and will fit nicely in your truck, Jeep, shop or garage. The book shows you How to Build an Arc Welder for less than $40, set in an Easy to Read 5-step Beginners level format (process made simple).

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