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Gas Dynamics - ebook
SKU: gd/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 500 pages17 pages.

This book is written for the average student who wants to learn the fundamentals of gas dynamics. It aims at the undergraduate level and thus requires a minimum of prerequisites. The writing style is informal and incorporates ideas in educational technology such as behavioral objectives, meaningful summaries, and check tests. Such features make this book well suited for self-study as well as for conventional course presentation. Sufficient material is included for a typical one-quarter or onesemester course, depending on the student’s background.

Alternator secrets
SKU: as/040/197
Binding: Booklet
The common car alternator can be modified very successfully to produce large amounts of power. This booklet is just 16 pages, but they are jammed full with modifications you can make, and what you can produce.

Learn how you can make almost any ordinary induction motor (like an old washing machine motor) put out 120 volts at 60 cycles without rewinding or internal rewiring. These secrets are worth the price of the booklet alone

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Secrets of lead acid batteries
SKU: slab/090/324
Binding: Paperback: 48 pages

Great book for information on lead acid batteries.

New, updated book, detailing how batteries are rated, built, the different types of charging, how they discharge, and why they fail, how to quick charge, equalise cells, rejuvenate a sick battery, test them and some applications. Much more than basic information, but without heavy mathematics and chemistry, and a cheap way to save yourself trouble when the car won’t start! 48 page softcover.

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Manual of Formulas: Recipes, Methods and Secret Processes
SKU: mof/400/550
Binding: Paperback: 250 pages

Great little book with hundres of formulas inside from adhesives to making mirrors - things that you never knew you needed!

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Engineering Manual ebook
SKU: em/000/100
Binding: Zip download - 65mb

This ebook contains engineering training manuals. The zipped file is over 65MB so will take a while to download it. Once you have downloaded it and unzipped it just click on autorun.

The Homebuilt Dynamo
SKU: HBD/1050/1740
Binding: Hardback 182 pages

Dynamo design and construction with ceramics magnets. A picture diary of step-by-step construction of a low speed generator. The Homebuilt Dynamo (as wired in this book) can be used from 12v to 36v with a top rated output of 1000 watts - 28 amps and 36 volts at 740 RPM.

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Pumps and Hydraulic Rams
SKU: phr/335/000
Binding: Paperback 193 Pages

A hydraulic ram is a water-powered cyclic pump. It harnesses the forces of water hammer to pump a portion of the water being used to power the pump to a point higher than where the water originally started. It is sometimes used in remote areas, where the right conditions exist, since it requires no outside source of power other than the kinetic energy of falling water.

Chapters include: suction pumps and lift pumps, making simple suction pumps, pump cup leathers, pump valves, ram or plunger pumps, making a bucket and plunger pump, construction of a plumber's force pump, wooden pumps, small pumps for special purposes, centrifugal pumps, air-lift and pulsometer pumps, and hydraulic rams.

The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted and is not just a scanned copy of the original.

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Solar Power: The Evolution of Sustainable Architecture
SKU: spteosa/1345/000
Binding: Paperback: 240 pages

Examining the way in which natural systems have arisen through the sun's influence, how humans have adapted to them and what today's urban planners can do to respond to the challenge of a sustainable world, this book outlines the need to reconsider how we organise our lives in terms of energy, technology and architecture. It goes on to illustrate the various natural cycles of which the sun is part. As the book explains, these include sustainable ecosystems, wind patterns, ocean currents, fossil fuels and the life cycles of animals. The various ways in which people have harnessed the sun's power in different parts of the world since neolithic times, the ancient civilization of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas is explained as well as to the present with those living in the tundras, the rainforests, savannas, deserts and in earth's comfort zones. It finally sets out exciting ways in which solar-oriented architecture can lead to energy-conscious buildings.

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The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments eBook
SKU: gbc/ebook/000

During the 1960's this book was pulled from all public libraries and banned for sale by the government. The reason was the experiments and information contained were considered too dangerous for the general public, especially young children. The hard copy of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is extremely rare and very expensive if your lucky enough to find a copy for sale.

This educational and fun book shows you how to set up a home laboratory and how to conduct over 200 simple experiments. It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject or for parents who want to broaden their child’s understanding of science.

This great book describes what chemistry is and covers the equipment required, the words used by chemists with meanings and allows you to conduct your own experiments and learn. Each experiment is set out in simple easy to follow steps and tells you what materials you will need and how to do it.

How to Run Three-Phase Motors on Single Phase Power
SKU: htrtpm/000/04/190
Binding: Paperback - booklet
Yes! You can run three-phase motors on single-phase power using any one of three excellent methods in use since the turn of the last century. First, lathes, drill presses, and other machine tool motors can be run with the capacitor method. Second, the autoformer method (a technique you should buy rather than build) is useful for motors running under continuous full load. And finally you can run a whole shop full of three-phase motors from a simple, easy to build dynamic converter! No rewinding is necessary. These methods are good to at least 150 hp and 220 volts! Low starting currents and excellent power factor are possible. This is book is from the USA.

Basic three-phase and induction motor theory is included. This booklet and some experimentation can have you up & running.

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Water - homemade ram pump ebook
SKU: whrpe/ebook/000
Several designs conained in a 20 page ebook.
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The Tesla Disc Turbine
SKU: 0000/150/394
Binding: Paperback: 40 pages

Slightly amended second edition. Nikola Tesla is famous for the Tesla Coil, but another of his inventions is the subject of this book and had nothing to do with electricity, other than as a possible means of generating it. This was his Disc Turbine for which a British Patent, which also covered a compressor variant, was granted in 1910. Unlike a conventional turbine, in which the rotor consists of bladed segments, in Tesla’s machine these were replaced by discs, working on the concept of flowing media being converted to rotary motion by friction working on the discs. Tesla claimed that a very small, but extremely powerful machine was possible using this principle - his aim was to produce a 25 hp machine that would fit inside a bowler hat. Here W. Cairns describes in detail the concept, and the history, of the original engines. He then proposes a number of uses for such turbines, including car and light aircraft use, all of which illustrate the extraordinary versatility of Tesla’s engine. Finally he provides the design and building instructions for a small Tesla turbine which any model engineer should be able to build. Not only does a Tesla Turbine provide a very high power to size ratio, it can be used as a compressor or pump. Tesla used steam on his test machines, and the model featured here would probably be run on compressed air, but the gas turbine principle can also be used; this really is a remarkably versatile machine. This versatility means that ninety four years after the original Patents were granted there are signs of re-awakened interest in Tesla’s machine, as many of the original problems can be overcome with modern materials. What is really exciting is that any revival can be boosted by individual experimenters- here is the place to start! High quality. 34 A4 format pages. Numerous drawings and sketches, including 6 pages of drawings specifically for a small Tesla turbine you can build.

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Lejay Manual - dynamos and batteries
SKU: lm/220/490
Binding: Paperback: 46 pages

Great bargain book of 50 “designs” showing uses for car dynamos and batteries. Make spot welders, electric fences, electric scooters, bench drills, wind generators etc. Whilst the electrical parts of the design are specific, the rest is conceptual, and you will have to use your imagination. Useful and fun! 45 pages.

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How to Use Tin Can Metal in Science Projects
SKU: htutcm/160/524
Binding: Softback

Written by a teacher who clearly believed in showing his pupils how they could do something with nothing, or old tin cans, the first 35 pages of this book cover just how you can work tin sheet from cans into many shapes, plus some tools to help. This is followed by instructions on how to build Hero’s Turbine, a Walking Beam Engine, a Crosshead Engine and an Internal Combustion Type of Engine - all from tin cans. In truth, of these only the first is a working model, but the ideas and techniques here are interesting and potentially useful, so consider treating yourself to a copy of this 120 page, profusely illustrated, paperback. Lindsay Publications

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Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People
SKU: cpac/256/000
Human designers love right angles, but nature prefers to be round and curved; we like to be dry, whereas nature tends to be wet; we use wheels in diverse ways, but nature's only true wheels occur in bacteria. This text introduces us to the world of biomechanics and explains how physical law and historical accident became our world's most supreme architects.

From the Author
Creationists find the book offensive. From reviews and correspondence, I find that I've not offended the professional sensitivities of people in the areas I've drawn upon for the book - engineers, anthropologists, historians, economists. But I seem to have deeply offended some creationists. That's no surprise, since the book declares at the outset that understanding the limitations of nature's designs depends on understanding natural selection. It then (Chapter 2) presents the logic of evolution by natural selection, without which it cannot get farther. It does so in the way of mainstream contemporary biology - I can't claim to be radical, iconoclastic, or even very original in how I set my stage. My more radical notions come in elsewhere

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Why Not?
SKU: SKU9a6ceba0e259816c9688ad4cbd70d
"Why Not?" is a primer for fresh thinking, for problem-solving with a purpose, for bringing the world a few steps closer to the way it should be. Idealistic? Yes. Unrealistic? According to "Why Not?"authors Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres, no. Illustrated with examples from every aspect of life, "Why Not?" offers techniques which will help you take the things we all see, every day, and think about them in a new way. Great ideas are waiting. Why not be the one to discover them?
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Pump Types - water pump, peristaltic, metering ...ebook
SKU: feed/pump/460

If you own, work with or are studying a water pump, sump pump, pool pump, chemical pump, industrial pump or any other type of pump, you will find the knowledge in this book by Mike Sondalini very valuable. Mike gives you insight to design, uses, installation, calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance for the various pump types in his book titled "Pump Types Explained". Mike starts out with details about the centrifugal pump with pump curves, cavitations and how to correct the situation. In addition to the centrifugal pump chapters, the peristaltic pump (hose pump), metering pump (dosing pump), gear pump, helical pump and the magnetic drive pump are explained. Of special interest during the design phase is Mike's cost / accuracy guide to pump types. Learn how to choose the right pump for the job, get a copy of "Pump Types Explained" now!

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The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - ebook
SKU: ljnt/ebook/000

Tesla is preceded in greatness only by Michael Faraday who in 1831 rocked the scientific world with his discovery that magnetism can produce electricity, if it is accompanied by motion. Faraday discovered the principle, but not how to make it power the world; Tesla alone accomplished this singular feat. Tesla is one of only two Americans to have a unit of electrical measurement named in his honor. Names for units of electrical measurement are derived by using the names of scientists who made the greatest contributions in electrical science, forming perhaps the most elite group in the world. Throughout the entire history of electrical science only fifteen men worldwide have received this honor. Tesla is one of these great men. In addition, Tesla received fifteen honorary degrees from famous universities worldwide, including Yale and Columbia in the United States.


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Building An Alcohol Producing Still
SKU: cam/aps/274/707
Binding: Paperback: 82 pages

You can build this six gallon electric still and use it to turn corn, sugar and other materials into a concentrated fuel for almost any internal combustion engine.

Oh well, it had to happen and here it is - Vince Gingery tells you in detail how to build a 6 gallon electric still. In America an individual can obtain a permit to distil industrial alcohol , as long as he is a small producer (under 10,000 gallons a year....). In the U-K I don't think you can do the same, so buy the book but if you build the still - beware! 82 page well illustrated, large format paperback. Published by the author.

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Energy and Chemistry
SKU: eac/428/300
Binding: Softback 368 pages

Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry 1981. This book's 368 pages looks at chemistry in all of the major areas of energy and power generation including - coal, gas, nuclear, electricity generation, emissions, energy storage, feedstock, insulation and the environment. Well illustrated this is an excellent reference text book in near fine condition.

Papers have been taken from the proceedings of a symposium organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry as part of its annual Chemical Congress held and the University of Guildford.

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Bicycle Design: The Search for the Perfect Machine
SKU: bd/sand/416/399
Binding: Paperback: 176 pages

An illustrated handbook for appreciators of cycle technology written by one of the world’s most famous and irreverent bicycle designers and inventors, with explanations of everything from aerodynamics and ergonomics to suspension forks and drum brakes. 9”x7”, 16pp colour plates, b&w throughout

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Practical Brickwork (Work Handbook Series)
SKU: pb/000/000
Binding: Paperback: 160 pages

160 pages. Reprint of the 1907 edition. Chapters include English and Flemish Bonds, garden and boundary walls, bonds for square angles, foundations and footings, junctions of cross walls, reveals, piers, angle and other bonds, jointing and pointing, damp-proof courses and construction, hollow or cavity walls, chimneys and fireplaces, gauge work and arches, niches and domes, and Oriel windows.

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Forensic Engineering Investigation
SKU: fei/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 451 pages.

Forensic Engineering Investigation provides analyses and methods for determining how something was damaged and when the damage may have legal consequences. It covers 21 of the more common types of failures, catastrophic events, and losses that a forensic engineer may be called upon to assess. Each chapter is self-contained, highly specific, and succinct.

Petrol-Driven Motor Cars (1909)
SKU: pdmc/cam/062/000
Binding: Paperback: 24 pages

There is a huge amount of information on all aspects of the early development of the petrol-driven car up to 1909 in the 23 pages of this booklet. Amongst others you get information on the chassis, steering, wheels, transmissions, ignition, motors, and their balancing, all extracted from A Text-Book of Mechanical Engineering, published in London in 1909 although the contents cover British, European and American developments. 35 drawings and diagrams.

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The 23rd Cycle: Learning to Live with a Stormy Star
SKU: ttcllwss/366/000
Binding: Paperback: 224 pages
"Odenwald... gives us reason to worry about how ill-prepared we are for geomagnetic disturbances in the future. It's scary enough to warrant a Hollywood disaster movie." -- American Scientist "Odenwald uses a breezy journalistic style as he explores solar eruptions and how these interfere with such vital elements as electrical power grids, long-distance piplines, and navigation." -- Sky & Telescope "Odenwald (NASA) offers an outstanding nontechnical introduction to the solar-terrestrial environment with a focus on "space weather". He weaves a fascinating story using numerous examples of space weather impacts on human and technological systems. Scientific references are highly accessible and accurate throughout." -- Choice "Odenwald offers a cogent warning, which deserves to have an impact beyond the book's own immediate readership of space science enthusiasts." -- Publishers Weekly "With the Sun about halfway through its 23rd sunspot cycle since the 18th century, there is a chance that solar flares and coronal mass ejections... will affect the Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field... This book presents an interesting explanation of this phenomenon. For astronomy, space science, and engineering collections." -- Library Journal "A fine summary of space weather effects, and how they work to the detriment of many satellite-based communications systems and, even, technology at ground level. I recommend Odenwald's book as a guide to the subtler, but very important, processes which occur in tandem with spectacular auroral storms." -- Neil Bone, Astronomy Now
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5cwt Engine Hoist
SKU: 5eh/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf
A small but useful hydraulic crane can be built using a suitable hydraulic jack. The
crane is able to fold for storage and can be constructed for a fraction of the
cost of a ready built engine crane. Construction requires welding
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Pumps and Hydraulic Rams
SKU: pahr/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf

Written by Paul Hasluck this book was published in 1907. The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted to help reading on the kindle and is not just a scanned copy of the original The formal title is Pumps and Hydraulic Rams with numerous engravings and diagrams.

Robert Stirling’s Models of the “Air Engine”
SKU: rsmae/cam/348/864
Binding: Softback
In this book James Rizzo describes in detail the two earliest surviving hot air engines, and how to build working replicas, or reduced sized models of them. The two engines concerned are those which Robert Stirling presented to the University of Edinburgh, and slightly later, to the University of Glasgow, to demonstrate his 'Air Engine'. The exact dates these were built is not known, but were certainly before 1825. The Edinburgh model is the more original, as the Glasgow model was discovered in an old store by Prof. William Thomson, later Lord Kelvin, in 1847. He dismantled it to see how it worked, and restored it to working order, along the way establishing the Absolute Scale of Temperature, the term "energy" and invented the name of a new science - Thermodynamics.

100 page, high quality paperback, full of drawings and photographs of all parts of the engines.
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Building a Marine Compound Engine
SKU: bmce/cam/177/464
Binding: Softback
A 3 x 5 x 3 compound engine is hardly a model, and the engine whose construction is described here will drive a boat with a 25' - 35' hull. However, Arthur Leak did design it so that it could be built by on, more or less, standard model engineers' equipment. This book is based on the designer's articles, which appeared in Model Engineer in 1982 and 1983, duly amended in the light of subsequent history, with pictures re-scanned (plus extras) and newly laid out. The author assumed that such an engine wouldn't be tackled by a beginner, and took a reasonable level of machining ability for granted. The book is clearly of use to any builder of this engine, especially in its descriptions of jigs, but its general words of wisdom and guidance mean it will appeal to builders of any size of marine compound - or to 'armchair' modellers as something different. 42 A4 format pages. Main drawings. 44 B&W photos. Full drawings and castings for this engine are available.
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Rider and Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engines
SKU: cam/rehape/66/223
Binding: Softback - 36 pages
This booklet is a high quality reprint of the 1906 catalogue issued by the “Rider-Ericsson Engine Co.” covering their improved Rider and Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engines for domestic water supply and covers two distinct types of engine.
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