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Solar power - questions answered
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Binding: pdf

This ebook tackles some of the basic questions about solar power. 

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The Fat of the Land
SKU: fotl/285/000
Binding: Hardback
The story of a young couple's self-sufficient life in the early 1960s.

Faber & Faber, 1961, first edition. 8 x 5 inches, 176 pages, illustrated. Red cloth with gilt lettering and decoration, slightly bumped with some marks. Spine slightly cocked. Pages very good throughout, with some slight foxing. Binding sound.

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Help! Earth Friendly Hints for Hassle-Free Living
SKU: EFH/322/000
This is a comprehensive, environmentally friendly problem-solver created specifically for Australians. It offers simple, cost effective shortcuts to a vast array of tasks, with tips on how to organise your home life better so that you have more leisure time to enjoy.
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World Atlas of Sustainable Development: Reconciling Economy, Social Welfare and the Environment (Paperback)
SKU: wasd/270/000
Sustainable development - its been talked about for some ten years, since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Yes the planet was being damaged and exhausted, yes the vast majority lived in poverty. And what has changed in ten years? What's been done by countries, companies and communities? What is the state of the planet today, and what conditions do its inhabitants live in? This Atlas presents an original vision of the world, combining socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental data. More that 110 original illustrations (40 maps and 70 information graphics) link access to education, the differences in the standard of living between North and South, women's civic rights, changes of climate and international solidarity. This atlas consists of three major parts, which are easily distinguished by a clear colour code. The first part, "Human Development, Well-being and Dignity" shows the extent to which basic human needs are satisfied, from access to clean water to freedom of speech, via the status of women. The second part of the atlas, "Environment and Risks", records the state of health of the planet, assessing the impact of human activity on its ecological equilibrium. Finally the third part, "Economics, Dependency and Solidarity", reviews the basic inequality between rich and poor countries, and examines the different means of action and of redistribution of wealth on an international scale.
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Heat Your Home for Free! - ebook
SKU: men/hyhff/6040

Heat Your Home for Free is a collection of classic articles from MOTHER EARTH NEWS that shows how simple solar systems can heat your home, garage, shop, barn, commercial building — just about any structure with a south-facing wall. The heat comes from solar energy, and it’s free. Best of all, this book shows how you can design, build and install solar heating systems yourself! We’ve compiled our best articles on do-it-yourself solar heating, from the early days of the magazine right up to the present.

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Solar Power: The Evolution of Sustainable Architecture
SKU: spteosa/1345/000
Binding: Paperback: 240 pages

Examining the way in which natural systems have arisen through the sun's influence, how humans have adapted to them and what today's urban planners can do to respond to the challenge of a sustainable world, this book outlines the need to reconsider how we organise our lives in terms of energy, technology and architecture. It goes on to illustrate the various natural cycles of which the sun is part. As the book explains, these include sustainable ecosystems, wind patterns, ocean currents, fossil fuels and the life cycles of animals. The various ways in which people have harnessed the sun's power in different parts of the world since neolithic times, the ancient civilization of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas is explained as well as to the present with those living in the tundras, the rainforests, savannas, deserts and in earth's comfort zones. It finally sets out exciting ways in which solar-oriented architecture can lead to energy-conscious buildings.

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Cutting Your Car Use Anna Semlyen
SKU: SKU16183
Do you wish for less traffic? Lead the way by reading this book. Britain's only traffic reduction guide gives easy to follow ideas, contacts and encouragement. It is pocket sized and readable. You too could save money, be healthy and green. "An extremely user-friendly book. A bargain you should not miss." Environmental Transport Association 58,000+ copies sold. Illustrations by Axel Scheffler.
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The Natural Advantage by Alan Heeks
SKU: tna/444/000
Every company says that people are its greatest resource and sadly it's true - human resources are being exhausted and polluted as badly as natural resources. The Natural Advantage uses the evocative lessons of organic farming to show how individuals and organizations can achieve results whilst renewing, not degrading, their potential." The organic approach starts with ground condition: feeding the soil from which output grows naturally and sustainably. This means drawing energy from clean sources, like appreciation and inspiration, not from polluting pressures such as stress and fear. It means composting our problems so that waste becomes a major source of future growth - turning our negative feelings into constructive output. From crop rotation to the natural cycles of growth, to achieving real quality, Alan Heeks lays out the organic way to work more effectively.
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The Whole Hog - exploring the extroadinary potential of pigs
SKU: twh/590/200
Binding: Hardcover: 288 pages

New Copy. Pigs are dramatically different from their closest and more placid relatives, sheep, deer and cattle. During forty million years of evolution, they seem to have made a series of canny decisions, adapting to changing circumstances much as humans have - by becoming more versatile, more gregarious and more curious. Sixteen species of wild pigs now occupy every continent except Australia and Antarctica, filling in the environmental gaps by deploying a panoply of domestic and feral forms - pigs for all seasons. The Whole Hog is their story. The biologist Lyall Watson has tracked pigs in the wild, observed their resourceful and playful lives, deciphered their grunts and oinks - and is convinced pigs deserve new respect.

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The country living guide - ebook
SKU: tclg/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf

Very large - 770 - page ebook about country living and self sufficiency. Please note that this download is over 30mb.

The Organic Allotment - The Chase Organics Manual 1990
SKU: oa/300/120

This rare book is in very good condition. same creaing on spine and small indentations.

Chase Organics was active in the organic gardening market long before it became a fashionable activity.

This paperback book covers how to choose an allotment, cultivation of a new allotment, soil manaegment, compost, vegetables, and soft fruit. Total pages 96.

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The Forgotten Arts - a practical guide to traditional skills. John Seymour
SKU: fa/1030/300
This nostalgic book is full of illustrations of yesteryear, telling of forgotten arts, such as coppicing, ladder making, fork making and charcoal burning, building crafts, thatching and slate cutting, and field crafts, such as hedge laying, dry stone walling and peat cutting.

There are also workshop crafts such as chair making, blacksmithing, wains and coaches, clog making, paper making, textiles, weaving, kitchen crafts, preparing food, ale and beer making, cheese making, dyeing linen, home doctoring, chimney sweeping, textile crafts spinning, rug making, quilting and patchwork, decorative crafts, painting and papering, stencilling. Surely something for everyone.

Illustrated throughout with b&w photographs and line drawings. The forgotten arts including: Hurdle making, Rake making, Lime burning, Hedge laying, Making stiles, sticks and crooks, rush and straw work,linen and silk craft etc.etc. very good clean condition with very good unclipped dj.

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Fieldcraft and Farmyard - groundwork for beginners
SKU: ff/434/000
Written by someone who has been practising 'green' farming methods most of her life, this is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to farming the traditional way. Val Porter describes the basic techniques of making a pic of land productive". Includes; soil improvement, grassland management, building boundaries, housing livestock, crop planting and management, haymaking and basic machinery. B/W photographs, illustrations. 159 pgs.
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On my Own Terms - John Seymour
SKU: 090125/414/1300
London Faber & Faber Ltd 1963 First Edition The autobiography of the author, who built himself and his family a self-supporting life in five remote Suffolk acres. HB, 293pp.

More about John Seymour

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The self-sufficient Gardener - first edition
SKU: ssg/1048/000
This is a first edition hardback 1978 of this wonderful book by John Seymour. The book is in very good confition with a tight binding - green cloth hardback with dust jacket which is in good condition but torn on spine and price clipped - tear.
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The Good Shopping Guide: Your Guide to Shopping with a Clear Conscience
SKU: SKU16206
If your till receipt is as important as your vote, then this book is the official ethical shopping manifesto! The GOOD Shopping Guide is the complete guide to ethical shopping. Using over 12 years of gold standard research from the Ethical Consumer Research Association it reveals, in detail, the human rights, animal welfare and environmental records of the 'ultimate holding companies' behind over 700 every day consumer brands. There are 4 main reference sections: Good Home, Good Food & Drink, Good Money and Good Health & Beauty. As well as the serious research and in depth editorial, it is packed with beautiful photography - 40 full-page colour shots of earth forms from the beautiful natural world. Above all, this book is user-friendly and very revealing.
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"Build It" Guide to Building Your Own Timber Frame Home
SKU: bi/842/000
Do you dream of building your own home?

From the outset, this book offers good, sound, basic advice and information on many aspects of modern timber 'Platform Frame' housing. The guide starts by covering the history of this type of construction, as well as discussing why timber frame has recieved such bad publicity in recent years. The author, Rosalind Renshaw, examines the benefits of timber frame, the differences between each type, and the general form construction. She also provides details on finding land, planning applications, finance, site preperation, and services. The eleven case studies are also well worth looking at.

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The new complete book of self sufficiency - new - John Seymour
SKU: SKU16222

The new complete book of self-sufficiency

The classic guide for realists and dreamers by John Seymour

“Nothing should be wasted on the self-sufficient holding. The dustman should never have to call” – John Seymour

Make the break, realise the dream and start living "the good life". Packed with comprehensive information on all the practical details, from ploughing fields to milking cows, as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this second edition aims to be a useful handbook for realists and dreamers alike.

Packed with comprehensive information on practical details,as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this second edition aims to be a useful handbook for realists and dreamers alike.

John Seymour is the acknowledged founding father of the self-sufficiency movement. Author of more than 40 books, he draws students from around the world to learn self-sufficiency first hand at his farm in County Wexford.


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The Limits to Growth 1972
SKU: LTG/126/000
The headline making report on the imminent global disaster facing humanity on what we can do about it before time runs out. This groundbreaking book was written in 1972. First printing of a paperback book October 1972. Donella H. Meadows.
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Solar Energy and Building - S V Szokoley
SKU: 081210/950/675
Binding: Hardcover: 148 pages

This is a very nice large, hardcover book, in slightly used condition. Book is called Solar Energy and Building. Contains chapters on; Context and principles. It is an ex library book with the usual stickers.

This is a 'second edition' which is marked as Reprinted 1978. The book is packed with diagrams and calculations.

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Environmentally sustainable Business - A local and regional perspective
SKU: esb/448/000
Binding: Paperback: 256 pages
Environmentally sustainable business development is an issue of considerable interest to both the academic and policy communities. However, many of the books written on this subject have tended to neglect the important role played by local and regional factors in determining the successes or failures of attempts to achieve environmentally sustainable development. Drawing upon case studies and other illustrative material, three major themes are explored: the origins and consequences of the major environmental problems that face economic activities; the major contextual and operational issues that confront business; and ways of improving the environmental performance and management of business and the role that such activities can play in local and regional development. The overall structure of the book moves from the global to the local level. Detailed case studies on a local and regional scale illustrate the importance of local action in ensuring the greening of businesses and the contribution that environmentally responsible economic activities can make to achieving sustainable development.
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The self-sufficient Gardener - first edition John Seymour
SKU: tssg/1070/000
Faber and Faber, London,1st edition 1978. Large format , Hardback/Dustjacket , 256 pages , Illustrated throughout with drawings , Very good clean condition ,and protected with plastic cover
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The Smallholder
SKU: ts/232/000
Binding: Hardback
John Seymour. The Smallholder. Sidgwick & Jackson, first published in GB 1983. Country Treasury Series. Illustrated by Sally Seymour. Dust jacket some wear at edges, unclipped. Hardcovers good. Interior clean, tight. Owner signature. 128pp. 231grams.
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There's a Hair in My Dirt: A Worm's Story
SKU: amz/115/299

The first non-Farside book by Gary Larsen. Famed for his off-kilter humour and strange versions of animal antics, Larsen has produced a masterwork - the story of a worm family, of adventures in the great outdoors, and a very different view of nature! Gives a real insight into the life and functions of worms in a very entertaining way, which will greatly appeal to the children of sustainable households.

A book that will delight any Larsen fan, or which will quickly capture anyone unfamiliar with his work.

Published by Farworks. Large format paperback, beautifully illustrated with his trademark caricatures. In very good clean condition throughout, and quite hard to find.

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Establishing A Fruit Garden - 1964
SKU: eafg/230/000
This is the story of a fruit garden, established by the author on a six-acre plot of land. However, the information and advice contained is equally relevant to those wishing to enjoy their own healthy and nutritious fruit with far less land to utilise, as well as being a useful account of fruit production as a land-based enterprise.

Hardback, and well-read. In overall good condition, although the dustjacket shows signs of wear and asmallsection of pages has become detached from the binding. This does not detract in any way from the contents, and it is still a very useful volume.
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Forgotton Household Crafts - John Seymour - 1987
SKU: SKU7be8e3256f7980e7a34ac7e1ebf9a
This is a practical guide to the Good Old Days. Rediscover the lost world of traditional household crafts with 'the grand master of self-sufficiency' ("Kitchen Garden") John Seymour. Master tried and trusted methods that have been honed over the centuries and learn to make butter and cheese, embroider, keep bees, decorate your home, and more. As Seymour himself once said "we must fill our homes and our lives with beautiful things again and cast out the mass-produced rubbish. This book shows that such things are possible." It contains all the practical advice you need to produce what you need for yourself.
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The NY Times Natural Foods Cookbook - 1971
SKU: nfc/514/000
This book brings together the best of traditional wholefood cookery and adds the lessons learnt from cosmopolitan cuisine to give a unique guide to providing the best and healthiest food. The result is a treasury of over 700 recipes for all types of meal - starters, main courses, desserts, simple suppers and multi-course banquets. Whether you are a gourmet, ahousewife working to a strict budget, an ecologist, dieter or organic cook, there is plenty here that will restimulate the taste buds and rekindle the most jaded appetite.

Produced by The New York Times, the book includes:

Over 700 recipes selected from thousands submitted from all around the world, many of which are traditional.
The kind of meals that families will enjoy, but without any artificial flavourings, colourings, softeners, emulsifiers, bleaches, preservatives, chemical additives or hydrogenated fats the kind of meals that can be served with pride, and without any requirement to justify the serving with explanations about the meal being Healthy, organic, or "Good for you" It is the ideal book to combine with home produced ingredients to ensure that none of the true flavours, nutrition or natural goodness is lost.

Large format paperback, 424 pages, in good condition.

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Plans Build Blacksmith's Shop Forge With Electric Blower - ebook
SKU: pbbsf/ebook/000/000

Here is a great plan for an easily built shop forge which will enable you to heat metals and do blacksmiths work,tempering etc.

Built from scrap items such as on old sink and a vacuum cleaner motor you can build this great working forge for very little expenditure.It works as well as any expensive commercial model to.

A great item which will enable you to do all kinds of metal work which you could not do without a forge.

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Self-sufficiency - The science and art of producing and preserving your own food
SKU: SS/458/000
The authors - john and sally seymour led a life of almost complete self-sufficiency in food. This 1975 reprint of their 1973 classic book is in excellent condition. Dj and binding are excellent but the DJ has been priced clipped. Published by Faber this is a great book to add to your collection as well as read.
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1001 Ways you can Save the Planet
SKU: 1001wycsp/411/000

This handy guide offers explanations and insights as well as brilliant, yet simple, practical ideas that will have a real ecological impact. Demonstrating that being an eco-champion in your home, your work and your neighbourhood can also make you feel better and save you money. This is a really positive approach, offering moderate and realistic measures you can adopt immediately.

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