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Improved Biogas Unit for Developing Countries

Improved Biogas Unit for Developing Countries
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Author Ludwig Sasse, Christopher Kellner & Ainea Kimaro
Binding pdf 84 pages
ISBN-10 3-528-02063-6
Publisher A Publication of the Deutsches Zentrum für Entwicklungstechnologien - GATE in: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH - 1991
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Tanzania is facing energy problems in both urban and rural areas.Fuel wood is the major source of supply of energy in rural areas. CAMARTEC was established in order to develop alternative sources of energy among its other objectives In the process of looking for International support to streng then its activities, the West Germany Government through GATE a branch of GTZ, accepted to establish a technical assistance to CAMARTEC that would deal with development and extension of renewable sources of energy which is BIOGAS. The Biogas Extension Service was then established in 1983. 

The results that are seen today, are due to tireless effort by German experts and local counterparts who have designed, field tested and installed over 200 biogas units. The team has worked beyond the gas requirement to include slurry use for agricultural purposes. The technology has been accepted by farmers as indicated by their demand through willingness to pay for the biogas units. The ownership of a family size biogas unit which is built through CAMARTEC has become a status symbol and has improved the quality of life in the home. Energy obtained from the gas and the light at night have both given utility to the owners of the plants. I am very thankful to GTZ for the assistance extended to CAMARTEC.I also appreciate the expatriates contribution towards the success reached so far. 

Tanzanian counterparts who work in the project also have contributed a lot and deserve my thanks. Lastly, I thank Mr. Ludwig Sasse for compiling this book which will be a useful reference material to many lovers of BIOGAS. I am looking forward to the use of the content embedded in the text and hope that his knowledge will contribute to solving Tanzania's rural energy needs. E.M.

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