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Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, foliage, or overall appearance; useful plants, such as root vegetables, leaf vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are grown for consumption, for use as dyes, or for medicinal or cosmetic use. A gardener is someone who practices gardening, either professionally or as a hobby.

Gardening ranges in scale from fruit orchards, to long boulevard plantings with one or more different types of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants, to residential yards including lawns and foundation plantings, to plants in large or small containers grown inside or outside. Gardening may be very specialized, with only one type of plant grown, or involve a large number of different plants in mixed plantings. It involves an active participation in the growing of plants, and tends to be labor intensive, which differentiates it from farming or forestry.


Growing Kiwifruit
SKU: gk/ebook/000

This 26 page ebook describes the Kiwi Fruit plant and how to grow the wonderful fruits.

Compost bin plan - wooden, ebook, £0.30
SKU: cbp/ebook/000/000
Binding: ebook - pdf

This plan shows you how to build a slatted wooden compost bin. Good design and well illustrated.

This composter has four things going for it. First, it’s bigger than many ready-made plastic units, which have to trade off function in the interests of easy shipping. Our shop-built design also has a removable lid with a built-in sifting screen made of 1/2" hardware cloth to ensure that only fully rotted compost gets to your garden. The louvred front keeps air circulating and is also removable, making it easy to fork out your black gold. And finally, it looks great, especially as it weathers grey without a finish.

This design is also easy to expand—add on a second or even a third composter and you can have different piles at different stages of decomposition. While you’re filling one composter with new organic matter, you can take rich, garden-ready compost from the other.

Garden Cold Frame plan - ebook
SKU: gcfp/ebook/000

A terrific way to extend the gardening season is with a cold frame. These can be used to warm the soil, grow plants as in a minigreenhouse or to protect plants like a giant cloche. They’re also good for holding flats of seedlings you’ve started or plants that arrived too early to set out.

Bee Hive Construction plans and ideas - ebook
SKU: bhcp/ebook/000/000

This ebook contains five plans to help you build a bee hive. Available through instant download.

Home vegetable gardening - ebook
SKU: hvg/ebook/000
With some, the home vegetable garden is a hobby; with others,
especially in these days of high prices, a great help. There are many
in both classes whose experience in gardening has been restricted
within very narrow bounds, and whose present spare time for gardening
is limited. It is as "first aid" to such persons, who want to do
practical, efficient gardening, and do it with the least possible fuss
and loss of time, that this book is written. In his own experience the
author has found that garden books, while seldom lacking in
information, often do not present it in the clearest possible way. It
has been his aim to make the present volume first of all practical, and
in addition to that, though comprehensive, yet simple and concise. If
it helps to make the way of the home gardener more clear and definite,
its purpose will have been accomplished.
The Soya Bean
SKU: SKU16147
Binding: Hardback

Its History, Cultivation (in England) and Uses


Elizabeth Bowdidge

Oxford University Press


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The Fat of the Land
SKU: fotl/285/000
Binding: Hardback
The story of a young couple's self-sufficient life in the early 1960s.

Faber & Faber, 1961, first edition. 8 x 5 inches, 176 pages, illustrated. Red cloth with gilt lettering and decoration, slightly bumped with some marks. Spine slightly cocked. Pages very good throughout, with some slight foxing. Binding sound.

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Cook Your Own Veg - Carol Klein
SKU: gyov/968/499
Binding: Hardcover: 224 pages

No book has ever made it so easy for the gardener-cook to get the most from fresh veg, herbs, and leaves. Britain's favorite gardener, Carol Klein, considers every stage in the process - from harvesting through storing to cooking. In the first chapter, on gardening, she demonstrates how and when to harvest each plant to get the best flavor while encouraging growth for next year (for instance, use a small fork when unearthing your roots and you'll protect the worms who will give you great soil for next year; leave onions on the soil to dry out before transporting them into the house for storage).This is followed by four seasonal chapters, each covering approx 10 veg, leaves, and herbs. For each food, she details all the parts of the plant you can eat, how to cook the food when its young, how to cook older specimens, and how to store it (usually on the plant or in the soil), enabling you to enjoy all sorts of ingredients you could never find in a shop. Plus there are over 80 fresh and easy recipes, enabling you to make the most of your seasonal produce.

save 87%
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Gardener's Delight - first edition
SKU: gd/240/000
Binding: Hardcover: 96 pages

A compendium of gardener's lore, containing all manner of edible fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each one illustrated in colour and accompanied by a text suffused with history, anecdote, quotation, folklore, humour, wisdom gossip and advice. The text is by John Seymour, an expert in the art of growing your own food and the illustrations are by Peter Morter one of Britain’s leading botanical illustrators. This book is a fascinating and entertaining read. It is in very good condition but a cut has been made to top corner of first blank page to remove an original owner's name and address. First Edition

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Fruit from your garden - first edition
SKU: ffyg/216/000
Binding: Hardcover: 88 pages
This charming national trust book will delight anyone who enjoys growing and cooking garden fruit. Lists many fruits and how they grow and includes recipes. This book is in good condition. First edition published in 1987.
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Gardening terms explained
SKU: gte/460/000
Comprising 1500 explanatory and descriptive entries arranged alphabetically within chapters on the environment, soil, botany, propagation and cultivation, practical gardening, fruits and vegetables, pests and diseases and tools, this compact guide covers everything from acid soil to wheelbarrows. A final section gives facts and figures on weights and measures, soil types and biological classifications etc.
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The Natural Advantage by Alan Heeks
SKU: tna/444/000
Every company says that people are its greatest resource and sadly it's true - human resources are being exhausted and polluted as badly as natural resources. The Natural Advantage uses the evocative lessons of organic farming to show how individuals and organizations can achieve results whilst renewing, not degrading, their potential." The organic approach starts with ground condition: feeding the soil from which output grows naturally and sustainably. This means drawing energy from clean sources, like appreciation and inspiration, not from polluting pressures such as stress and fear. It means composting our problems so that waste becomes a major source of future growth - turning our negative feelings into constructive output. From crop rotation to the natural cycles of growth, to achieving real quality, Alan Heeks lays out the organic way to work more effectively.
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On the farm - Jimmy Doherty
SKU: SKU16185
On The Farm follows Jimmy Doherty's mission to make farming accessible, rekindle the UK's food heritage and encourage us to eat natural, high-quality produce, seasonally. Packed full of glorious photos and tempting recipes, it is full of practical information and useful tips, so whether you want to grow a vegetable garden in the city or keep chickens, everything is here to get you started. Most of all, this is Jimmy's evocative and personal account of his year on the farm.
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The Whole Hog - exploring the extroadinary potential of pigs
SKU: twh/590/200
Binding: Hardcover: 288 pages

New Copy. Pigs are dramatically different from their closest and more placid relatives, sheep, deer and cattle. During forty million years of evolution, they seem to have made a series of canny decisions, adapting to changing circumstances much as humans have - by becoming more versatile, more gregarious and more curious. Sixteen species of wild pigs now occupy every continent except Australia and Antarctica, filling in the environmental gaps by deploying a panoply of domestic and feral forms - pigs for all seasons. The Whole Hog is their story. The biologist Lyall Watson has tracked pigs in the wild, observed their resourceful and playful lives, deciphered their grunts and oinks - and is convinced pigs deserve new respect.

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The country living guide - ebook
SKU: tclg/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf

Very large - 770 - page ebook about country living and self sufficiency. Please note that this download is over 30mb.

The Organic Allotment - The Chase Organics Manual 1990
SKU: oa/300/120

This rare book is in very good condition. same creaing on spine and small indentations.

Chase Organics was active in the organic gardening market long before it became a fashionable activity.

This paperback book covers how to choose an allotment, cultivation of a new allotment, soil manaegment, compost, vegetables, and soft fruit. Total pages 96.

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Fieldcraft and Farmyard - groundwork for beginners
SKU: ff/434/000
Written by someone who has been practising 'green' farming methods most of her life, this is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to farming the traditional way. Val Porter describes the basic techniques of making a pic of land productive". Includes; soil improvement, grassland management, building boundaries, housing livestock, crop planting and management, haymaking and basic machinery. B/W photographs, illustrations. 159 pgs.
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Hydroponics - getting started everything you need to know, ebook
SKU: hgseyntk/ebook/000

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to the art of hydroponics. This a very large ebook - 6mb and will be downloaded as a zip file. The ebook is is in pdf format.

The self-sufficient Gardener - first edition
SKU: ssg/1048/000
This is a first edition hardback 1978 of this wonderful book by John Seymour. The book is in very good confition with a tight binding - green cloth hardback with dust jacket which is in good condition but torn on spine and price clipped - tear.
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Modern Poultry Development: A History of Domestic Poultry Keeping
SKU: mpd/601/000
Binding: Hardcover: 228 pages

Very Good used edition of this 1976 book. Protective cover around excellent dust jacket - some marks on inside cover otherwise all very good.

This is a concise history of domestic poultry. It covers the early develpment of domestication, the personalities involved and, of course, the birds themselves.

Hampshire Spur Publications 1976 Hardcover. A fine, bright and excellent copy in a very good dust-jacket 8vo, brown cloth, 216 pages & numerous plates throughout.

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The new complete book of self sufficiency - new - John Seymour
SKU: SKU16222

The new complete book of self-sufficiency

The classic guide for realists and dreamers by John Seymour

“Nothing should be wasted on the self-sufficient holding. The dustman should never have to call” – John Seymour

Make the break, realise the dream and start living "the good life". Packed with comprehensive information on all the practical details, from ploughing fields to milking cows, as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this second edition aims to be a useful handbook for realists and dreamers alike.

Packed with comprehensive information on practical details,as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this second edition aims to be a useful handbook for realists and dreamers alike.

John Seymour is the acknowledged founding father of the self-sufficiency movement. Author of more than 40 books, he draws students from around the world to learn self-sufficiency first hand at his farm in County Wexford.


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No Nettles Required - the reassuring truth about wildlife gardening
SKU: nnr/248/200
Gardens are good for wildlife and encouraging wildlife is entirely compatible with ordinary gardening cost next to nothing and is almost completely effortless. You may have wished all these things were true and never allowed yourself to hope that they actually are.
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The Art and Science of Composting
SKU: tasc/ebook/000/000

Composting is controlled decomposition, the natural breakdown process of organic residues. Composting transforms raw organic waste materials into biologically stable, humic substances that make excellent soil amendments. Compost is easier to handle than manure and other raw organic materials, stores well and is odor-free.

Methane Recovery from Animal Manures - ebook - The current opportunities casebook
SKU: mrfam/ebook/000/000
Binding: ebook - pdf

150 page pdf document.

Growth and concentration of the livestock industry create opportunities for the proper disposal of the large quantities of manures generated at dairy, swine, and poultry farms. Pollutants from unmanaged livestock wastes can degrade the environment, and methane emitted from decomposing manure may contribute to global climate change. One management system not only provides pollution prevention but also can convert a manure problem into a new profit center. Economic evaluations and case studies of operating systems indicate that the anaerobic digestion (AD) of livestock manures is a commercially available bioconversion technology with considerable potential for providing profitable coproducts, including a cost-effective renewable fuel for livestock production operations. This Casebook examines some of the current opportunities for the recovery of methane from the AD animal manures. U.S. livestock operations currently employ four types of anaerobic digester technology: slurry, plug-flow, complete-mix, and covered lagoon. An introduction to the engineering economies of these technologies is provided, and possible end-use applications for the methane gas generated by the digestion process are discussed. The economic evaluations are based on engineering studies of digesters that generate electricity from the recovered methane. Case studies of operating digesters, with project and maintenance histories and the operators “lessons learned,” are included as reality checks. Factors necessary for successful projects, as well as a list of reasons explaining why some AD projects fail, are provided. The role of farm management is key; not only must digesters be well engineered and built with high-quality components, they must also be sited at farms willing to incorporate the uncertainties of a new technology. More than two decades of research has provided much information about how manure can be converted to an energy source; however, the American farmer has not been motivated to adopt new practices. More cost-effective and easily managed manure management techniques are still needed to encourage farmers to use animal manure for conversion into energy and nutrients, especially for smaller farms. AD benefits farmers monetarily and mitigates possible manure pollution problems, thereby sustaining development while maintaining environmental quality. Moreover, rural economic development will benefit from the implicit multiplier effect resulting from jobs created by implementing digester systems. Promising future waste-to-profit activities may add to the economic performance of AD. New end-use applications, which provide added value to coproducts, are discussed.

Backyard Composting - John Roulac
SKU: SKU7ca82f4026fc9aa319418df876aa4
Book Description
Composting allows you to do something for the part of the Earth you live with day by day: your own back garden. Backyard Composting follows basic values, such as putting things where they belong and not making a mess. Composting at home reduces your personal volume of rubbish, conserves water, increases plant growth, replaces the need for toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and is also fun. While you may not win an 'environmental hero of the year' award, your trees, earthworms, butterflies and other flora and fauna will be grateful for your composting achievements!

Backyard Composting also introduces the various types of composting bins and accessories, explaining the pros and cons of each type, and gives instructions for building one from scrap materials.

Composting allows you to do something for the part of the Earth you live with day by day: your own back garden. This book follows basic values, such as putting things where they belong and not making a mess. Composting at home reduces your personal volume of rubbish, conserves water, increases plant growth, replaces the need for toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and is also fun. While you may not win an "environmental hero of the year" award, your trees, earthworms, butterflies and other flora and fauna will be grateful for your composting achievements. The book also introduces the various types of composting bins and accessories, explaining the pros and cons of each type and giving instructions for building one from scrap materials.

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The self-sufficient Gardener - first edition John Seymour
SKU: tssg/1070/000
Faber and Faber, London,1st edition 1978. Large format , Hardback/Dustjacket , 256 pages , Illustrated throughout with drawings , Very good clean condition ,and protected with plastic cover
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The Smallholder
SKU: ts/232/000
Binding: Hardback
John Seymour. The Smallholder. Sidgwick & Jackson, first published in GB 1983. Country Treasury Series. Illustrated by Sally Seymour. Dust jacket some wear at edges, unclipped. Hardcovers good. Interior clean, tight. Owner signature. 128pp. 231grams.
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Establishing A Fruit Garden - 1964
SKU: eafg/230/000
This is the story of a fruit garden, established by the author on a six-acre plot of land. However, the information and advice contained is equally relevant to those wishing to enjoy their own healthy and nutritious fruit with far less land to utilise, as well as being a useful account of fruit production as a land-based enterprise.

Hardback, and well-read. In overall good condition, although the dustjacket shows signs of wear and asmallsection of pages has become detached from the binding. This does not detract in any way from the contents, and it is still a very useful volume.
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Food for Free - Richard Mabey 1978
SKU: SKUc2ee71143bf4674bdedaf88032d97
This is the classic, "must have" book for anyone seeking to be self-sufficient foodwise - Richard Mabey's excellent guide to the edible wild foodstuffs of Britain.
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Farm folk, city folk: Stories, tips and recipes celebrating local food for food lovers of all stripes
SKU: ffcf/350/000
Binding: Paperback: 172 pages

Farm Folk City Folk Self Sufficiency Signed 1st S/B 1998

Everything from Growing, Harvesting to the Table.

This is a first edition 1998 soft cover book, printed and bound in Canada signed by Herb Barbolet, co-founder and co-ordinator of the Farmfolk/Cityfolk society. Signed by the Author

Farm Folk, City Folk is a book for passionate cooks, back-yard vegetable gardeners, weekend farmers and food lovers. It is also packed jammed full with practical tips on everything from growing edible flowers to organising a farmers’ market.



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