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Ethanol (corn alcohol) Guide - ebook

Ethanol (corn alcohol) Guide  - ebook
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Ethanol is a much cleaner fuel than petrol (gasoline) and is: A renewable fuel made from plants Not a fossil-fuel: it doesn’t increase greenhouse effect. A higher octane at lower costs as an alternative to harmful fuel additives Ethanol blends can be used in all petrol engines without modifications. Ethanol is biodegradable without harmful effects on the environment. Ethanol's high oxygen content reduces carbon monoxide levels more than any other oxygenate: by 25-30%, according to the US EPA.

It dramatically reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, a major contributor to the depletion of the ozone layer and can reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100%.

High-level ethanol blends can reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by 30% or more (VOCs are major sources of ground-level ozone formation). It can cut emissions of cancer-causing benzene and butadiene by more than 50%Sulphur dioxide & Particulate Matter (PM) emissions are decreased with ethanol.

Every major automaker in the world approves the use of Ethanol Alcohol in their vehicles. In fact all cars built since the 1970’s are fully compatible with ethanol in the mixture. As with biodiesel, you don't have to be a corporation to make ethanol -- you can make fuel alcohol in your backyard, and many people are doing just that, and running their vehicles on clean-burning alcohol instead of gasoline. All you’ll need a still, and you need to learn how to ferment beer. You can build your own still & learn to ferment your own beer. This guide will show step-by-step exactly how to do just that.

How It Works?

The methods are simple, making the process possible for anyone, everyone, ANYWHERE. There are 3 guides. 1 project for The Beginner 1 for the Hobbyist & 1 for the Pro, facilitating different methods in constructing: The Still, The Chamber, Operation, Recipe, Distillation, Typical tools, hardware & supplies are used, making access to parts available for all. Project approximate time ranges from 1hr to 1 day. Costs per Unit average around $100 in parts. (any costs will be recovered in weeks of $0.75 per gallon fuel costs).

  "Ethanol is a very high-octane fuel, replacing lead as an octane enhancer in gasoline. Fuels that burn too quickly make the engine "knock". The higher the octane rating, the slower the fuel burns, and the less likely the engine will knock. When ethanol is blended with gasoline, the octane rating of the petrol goes up by three full points, without using harmful additives. Adding ethanol to gasoline "oxygenates" the fuel, adding oxygen to the fuel mixture so that it burns more completely and reduces polluting emissions such as carbon monoxide."

The Process

Household products (corn, fruits, potatoes, rice, apples, yard clippings, etc) are added into a container. Yeast is added to help ferment the starch in the items (corn, etc) into sugar, which is then fermented into alcohol. (wood alcohol can also be made using trees, grass or other waste products). The mix is run threw the still (my guide comes with 2 sets of blueprints for building your stills). The end result is ETHANOL ALCOHOL, a cleaner, cheaper combustible fuel that is actually better for your engine.

All that’s left is to poor it into your tank & head out. No additional modifications are required on your vehicle. Your engine will burn the ALCOHOL as it would regular fuel, just without the ozone-destroying exhaust. Horsepower will NOT be compromised; in fact you may see an increase in not only HP but also mileage efficiency as well. Because ALCOHOL actually burns cleaner, while lubricating the pistons creating a smoother running engine, it’s typical to experience better M.P.G & more Power.

That’s it, it’s that simple. You will love the info in these booklets, that’s a guarantee.

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