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Stoarge of energy is becoming a hot topic in realtion to transport and the use of renewable energy on our grids. 


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Alternator secrets
SKU: as/040/197
Binding: Booklet
The common car alternator can be modified very successfully to produce large amounts of power. This booklet is just 16 pages, but they are jammed full with modifications you can make, and what you can produce.

Learn how you can make almost any ordinary induction motor (like an old washing machine motor) put out 120 volts at 60 cycles without rewinding or internal rewiring. These secrets are worth the price of the booklet alone

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Secrets of lead acid batteries
SKU: slab/090/324
Binding: Paperback: 48 pages

Great book for information on lead acid batteries.

New, updated book, detailing how batteries are rated, built, the different types of charging, how they discharge, and why they fail, how to quick charge, equalise cells, rejuvenate a sick battery, test them and some applications. Much more than basic information, but without heavy mathematics and chemistry, and a cheap way to save yourself trouble when the car won’t start! 48 page softcover.

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Homemade battery
SKU: hb/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 15 pages.
This is a simple 15 page plan showing how to make your own batteries.
The Homebuilt Dynamo
SKU: HBD/1050/1740
Binding: Hardback 182 pages

Dynamo design and construction with ceramics magnets. A picture diary of step-by-step construction of a low speed generator. The Homebuilt Dynamo (as wired in this book) can be used from 12v to 36v with a top rated output of 1000 watts - 28 amps and 36 volts at 740 RPM.

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Solar power converter
SKU: SKU16164
Solar power voltage converter.
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Convert wood into charcoal and electricity
SKU: cwic/cam/300/474
Binding: Paperback: 63 pages

If you put wood into a pipe and heat it, gas, tar and water vapor will be driven off. You can pipe this gas around into the fire that is heating the pipe. When the whole unit cools, you can extract high grade charcoal. And we're talking about charcoal noticeably superior to the grocery store variety you use on your grill.

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free - 200 watt permanent magnet wind generator - ebook
SKU: f2wpmg/ebook/000

This manual describes how to build a 'permanent magnet generator' (PMG). We can also call it an 'alternator', because it generates alternating current (AC). It will not generate 'mains voltage' or 'utility power' AC. It generates low voltage, 'three phase' AC, and then changes it into 'direct current' (DC) for charging a 12 volt battery.

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Alternator secrets - ebook
SKU: as/ebook/0/0
Binding: ebook - pdf

In the last two decades alternators have replaced generators in motor vehicles. The reasons are many: output current can be produced at lower rpm, voltage can be more accurately' controlled with solid state regulators, alternators need less maintenance, and they cost less to manufacture.

When modified, auto alternators can provide variable direct current at 0 to 120 volts for battery charging, hot charging, light arc welding, or for running AC-DC appliances and lights. Another simple modification provides AC power to run some transformer-operated appliances. If you know the secrets of its operation and the modifications possible, the small low-cost alternator can become a versatile power plant.

Surprisingly, alternators are constructed with three sets of field windings positioned evenly at 120 degree intervals inside the frame. Such construction produces three-phase AC.

Back-up generator plan - 12 volt, ebook
SKU: bug/ebook/000/000
Binding: ebook - pdf

This small, easy to build, engine/alternator is the answer to a burning renewable energy question. What do we do when the sun doesn’t shine, the wind doesn’t blow, and the water dries up? This generator is a backup power source for times when our renewable energy sources don’t meet our demands. It is optimised to do only one thing — properly recharge batteries on demand.

This five page plan is quite detailed and contains pictures.

Tesla's Engine - A new dimension for Power
SKU: SKU16192
Binding: Paperback: 224 pages
Many will recognize the name of Nikola Tesla for his work in electrical engineering. Most do not realize that he was, by training a mechanical engineer. This book is a comprehensive account of Tesla's endeavors and the resulting marvel of machinery which has come to be known as the Tesla Turbine. Tesla's engine is examined in detail and an argument is built for the commercial production of this wonder of engineering. Many fine articles show that no other pump or engine can match the safety, economy, longevity and performance of this truly elegant machine.
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How to Run Three-Phase Motors on Single Phase Power
SKU: htrtpm/000/04/190
Binding: Paperback - booklet
Yes! You can run three-phase motors on single-phase power using any one of three excellent methods in use since the turn of the last century. First, lathes, drill presses, and other machine tool motors can be run with the capacitor method. Second, the autoformer method (a technique you should buy rather than build) is useful for motors running under continuous full load. And finally you can run a whole shop full of three-phase motors from a simple, easy to build dynamic converter! No rewinding is necessary. These methods are good to at least 150 hp and 220 volts! Low starting currents and excellent power factor are possible. This is book is from the USA.

Basic three-phase and induction motor theory is included. This booklet and some experimentation can have you up & running.

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Power Estimator for Buildings and Caravans
SKU: pefbac/ebook/000
Binding: Zip file of 3 pdfs

This donlaod contains three files that will help you estimator your power requirements for your house, boat or caravan. There are two Wxcel spreadsheets and one pdf file. To get the most form this you need Excel howver you can use the information to make manual calculations.

Included are the power requirements for typicall applainces. The power estimator could be used to calculate your solar, wind, or another generator requirements. The documents are in the public domain.

What is the function of dams?
SKU: witfod/ebook/000/000

All energy technologies have major advantages and disadvantages, and hydropower is no exception. In this briefing paper, Juergen Giesecke from Energie-Fakten presents a comprehensive overview of pros and cons, and a message dams can make a major contribution to mankind's energy (and food) supply, provided that we exploit the pros while managing and mitigating the cons.

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Lejay Manual - dynamos and batteries
SKU: lm/220/490
Binding: Paperback: 46 pages

Great bargain book of 50 “designs” showing uses for car dynamos and batteries. Make spot welders, electric fences, electric scooters, bench drills, wind generators etc. Whilst the electrical parts of the design are specific, the rest is conceptual, and you will have to use your imagination. Useful and fun! 45 pages.

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Rewiring Generators as Alternators
SKU: rga/ebook/000/000

Wind generators run at fairly slow speeds: usually 250 to 600 rpm. Most people who design their own wind systems are stymied by the unavailability of slow speed generators. They usually choose to use an off-the-shelf generator that is stepped up to operating speed from the relatively slow propeller speed of a wind generator. But stepping up with gears, chains or belts introduces large inefficiencies, not to mention more moving components that need maintenance. There is another way around this problem: rewinding the alternator or generator for slow speed operation.

Short ebook - no illustrations but some good information.

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Fuel Cell Handbook - ebook
SKU: fc/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 268 pages

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert the chemical energy of a reaction directly into electrical energy. The basic physical structure or building block of a fuel cell consists of an electrolyte layer in contact with a porous anode and cathode on either side.

This 268 page ebook is an excellent source of information.

Batteries - simple guide to batteries - free ebook
SKU: bsg/ebook/000/00
Binding: ebook - pdf

As many small-scale methods of electricity generation are available only intermittently, some form of electricity storage or battery is needed if people want to have electricity available at all times.

There are a wide range of batteries available, and the aim of this Technical Brief is to give an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of batteries. The central point is that there is no such thing as a universal battery; a single type of battery cannot cover all applications.

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Dynamos and Electric Motors - How to Make and Run Them - 1906
SKU: dem/230/524
Binding: Softback
Electricity was cutting edge technology when this book was written, but motors and dynamos were expensive, so this Paul Hasluck book must have been a best-seller in its day. You get chapters on the various types and then a whole series of motors and dynamos you can build, mostly, but not all, small. Essentially the technicalities haven’t changed much over 100 years, so this is a good place to start if you fancy building your own motor or dynamo. 160 pages, well illustrated with drawings, diagrams & etchings. Paperback. Lindsay Publications.
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Solenoids, Electromagnets and Electromagnetic Windings
SKU: see/330/857
Creating an electromagnet is quite easy, as Faraday discovered, but creating one that generates a field of needed intensity, drawing minimal amperage at available voltage without over-heating isn’t so simple. Few people know how it is done, but this book shows the secrets of creating working electromagnets. It is a practical book; the maths, the charts and the information are all just right. Since 1921 better insulation and higher-permeability iron have become available, but Amps and Oersteds are the same. 342 page well illustrated paperback. Lindsay Publications
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Heating Controls Leaflet from Energy Saving Trust
SKU: hcl/ebook/000
A leaflet about how heating controls can save you money, improve your home's comfort and help to reduce your home's impact on the environment.
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Ground Source Heat Pumps - leaflet
SKU: gshp/ebook/000

Energy Saving Trust on Ground Source Heat Pumps

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100 to 5000 Watt Inverter Plan - ebook
SKU: ip/ebook/000/000
Binding: ebook - pdf

Well written and illustrated plans for inverters. Build any size inverter you want, from 100 watts to 5,000 watts. Several different designs - mechanical and electronic. 41 pages with illustrations and photographs. 

Can migrogrids make a major contribution to UK energy supply - ebook
SKU: cmmac/ebook/000

Almost all the electricity currently produced in the UK is generated as part of a centralised power system designed around large fossil fuel or nuclear power stations. This power system is robust and reliable but the efficiency of power generation is low, resulting in large quantities of waste heat. The principal aim of this paper is to investigate an alternative concept: the energy production by small scale generators in close proximity to the energy users, integrated into microgrids. Microgrids – de-centralised electricity generation combined with on-site production of heat - bear the promise of substantial environmental benefits. This is brought about by a higher energy efficiency and by facilitating the integration of renewable sources such as photovoltaic arrays or wind turbines. By virtue of a good match between generation and load, microgrids have a low impact on the electricity network, despite a potentially significant level of generation by intermittent energy sources. The paper discusses the technical and economic issues associated with this novel concept, giving an overview of the generator technologies, the current regulatory framework in the UK, and the barriers that have to be overcome if microgrids are to make a major contribution to the UK energy supply. The focus of this study is a microgrid of domestic users powered by small Combined Heat and Power generators and photovoltaics. Focusing on the energy balance between the generation and load, it is found that the optimum combination of the generators in the microgrid - consisting of around 1.4 kWp PV array per household and 45% household ownership of micro-CHP generators - will maintain energy balance on a yearly basis if supplemented by energy storage of 2.7kWh per household. We find that there is no fundamental technological reason why microgrids cannot contribute an appreciable part of the UK energy demand. Indeed, an estimate of cost indicates that the microgrids considered in this study would supply electricity at a cost comparable with the present electricity supply if the current support mechanisms for photovoltaics were maintained. Combining photovoltaics and micro-CHP and a small battery requirement gives a microgrid that is independent of the national electricity network. In the short term, this has particular benefits for remote communities but more wide-ranging possibilities open up in the medium to long term. Microgrids could meet the need to replace current generation nuclear and coal fired power stations, greatly reducing the demand on the transmission and distribution network.

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How to Purchase, Setup & Maintain Emergency Diesel Electric Generators
SKU: feed/EGMU/ebook/700
"The Diesel Emergency Generator Unit, Emergency Power System Plan"

How to researched, set up and operated a new electric diesel emergency generator maintenance team. The author starts off telling a most interesting story of when he set up the emergency generator maintenance unit for an international oil company. In 1990, several high-profile emergency generator set failures during power outages resulted in an upper management decision that resulted in the author's research detailed here in this 96 page ebook. The story line is followed by detailed procedures on the steps the author used during the creation process leading up to the startup date of the maintenance team and detailed examples of how specific field problems were handled.

Learn from Larry Bush as he leads his maintenance team thru the research to Purchase, Setup and Maintain Emergency Diesel Electric Generators for an international oil company.

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Electric Motors in Use - ebook
SKU: feed/em/500

This 21 page ebook starts with electric motor problems and current protection. Then the author moves on to the more advanced topics of electric motor variable speed drives operation and the effects of process changes on electric motors. Mixed with in the above sections, plant layout and vibration detection are discussed. There is also sections on the basics related to motor drive systems such as V belts, chains, bearings, grease and lubrication. All in basic technical briefs type format.

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Alternative Energy Sourcebook - 1992
SKU: aes/1070/400
This book is described as a comprehensive guide to energy sensible technologies. Although 1992 it is packed full of great information. It has over 500 large format pages packed with information on how to set up renewable energy systems, sizing equipment and sources.
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Living Off the Grid Guide - ebook
SKU: agua/lotg/7030
Binding: Zip file containing pdfs

Live self-sufficient & lower monthly utility bills from an average $500 to $0.00 per month, even sell energy back to the power companies earning an additional $500+ per month... As much electricity you can create they will buy.

The methods are extremely simple, making the process possible for anyone, everyone, ANYWHERE.

- The guide facilitates different methods in constructing:

Solar Systems
Wind Generator Systems
Solar cooking
Solar Water Heating
Personal Water supplies
Free Personal Trash disposal
Free Utilities
Free entertainment
Free Phone service
Selling Extra Energy back
Free Energy

- Typical tools, hardware & supplies are used, making access to parts available.

save 52%
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Autopower - Generator Secrets
SKU: cam/gs/118/400
Binding: Softback
Lindsay Publications says - We had this a while ago, when it was called by its original title - Autopower, and it is good. Here you get secrets from the 1930's about taking a generator and converting it into a 110 volt AC alternator that could power a farm or home; the opening chapters give detailed instructions for rewinding a Ford Model A, Model T, and Dodge Type G generators. Later chapters talk about the general principles that can be applied to almost any generator. That's where the real value of this small book lies. It is not applicable to modern alternators. You must start with an old generator and go from there. Obviously, you won't use a Ford Model A or T or even an early Dodge. You'll use what you can find. And generators are still available at scrap yards on old vehicles, even on eBay at reasonable cost. Useful information. 56 page, well illustrated paperback. Lindsay Publications
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Dynamo! How to build them
SKU: cam/d/278/654
Binding: Paperback: 190 pages

This book combines two titles, the first being How to Make a Dynamo by Alfred Crofts, and orginally published in London in 1900. The second is How to Build a Fifty-Light Dynamo by A.E. Watson, published in the U.S.A. in 1895. Crofts’ book is considerably the larger and more detailed, and describes the building of a DC dynamo 16 inches wide, and powering about ten 16 candle-power lamps. Mr. Watson’s book describes building a big machine with a base around 34 inches long and 20 inches wide. The drawings are better than in the first book, but may have been reduced, as you need a magnifying glass to get some measurements. The drawings in Croft’s book are not so clean anyway, and appear to be enlarged, but neither should stop you building the dynamo if you are so minded - and there is also a lot of technical information here. 192 page paperback. 51 drawings. Lindsay Publications

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Sustainable Energy — without the hot air
SKU: ssewotha/ebook/000/000
Binding: ebook - pdf, 382 pages

About the author

David MacKay is a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and then obtained his PhD in Computation and Neural Systems at the California Institute of Technology. He returned to Cambridge as a Royal Society research fellow at Darwin College. He is internationally known for his research in machine learning, information theory, and communication systems, including the invention of Dasher, a software interface that enables efficient communication in any language with any muscle. He has taught Physics in Cambridge since 1995. Since 2005, he has devoted much of his time to public teaching about energy. He is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Climate Change. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society on 14 May 2009.

About the "free book" license

This is a free book. I didn't write this book to make money. I wrote it because sustainable energy is important. If you would like to have the book for free for your own use, please help yourself to any of the electronic versions on this website. There's pdf and html versions (thanks to William Sigmund!); we are working on other formats.

This is a free book in a second sense: you are free to use all the material in this book, except for the cartoons and the photos with a named photographer, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. (The cartoons and photos are excepted because the authors have generally given me permission only to include their work, not to share it under a Creative Commons license.) You are especially welcome to use my materials for educational purposes. This website includes links to separate high-quality files for each of the figures in the book.

In response to generous readers...
If you enjoy the free electronic copy of the book and would like to make a financial donation, without buying the paper book for yourself, please may I suggest that you find a library or a school that would like a copy of the book, and buy a paper copy for them? Thank you!

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