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Diesel from vegetable oil guide - ebook

Diesel from vegetable oil guide  - ebook
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Author Peter Adams
Binding ebook - pdf - 17 pages
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Published date 2005
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Here is an extract from the ebook. "Warning and Disclaimers I am not a technician nor am I a scientist, the information that I have gathered over the last few years has been gained from a number of sources including, the Internet, discussion 2 with Diesel Engineers, discussions with drivers, mechanics (one of whom had worked on diesels for 60 years !!) and other interested persons. Some of the information I gained turned out not to be correct and was either down-right lies or boasting by people who were unable to prove their claims. I first tried the systems in a 1988 Ford Granada 2.5 Diesel and over the first months I had to remove the fuel tank, change fuel filters at the side of the road and bleed the fuel supply through to get me going again, so I write this stating that I have suffered problems in this work and it is to be regarded as experimental so please take care in what you do and when you feel competent then go ahead and try it yourself but don’t hold me liable for any problems or breakdowns. I have found that the MOST problems occur when used vegetable oil (WVO) is used and that oil is in fact contaminated with ANIMAL fats.

It is important when you are using old oil to try to get the best that you can. Owners of Fish and Chip shops used to be paid about £15.00 per 200 litre drum when it was collected this amount has now gone down to about £5.00 or less, indeed I have heard of shops being charged to collect the oil. A local prison here in Derbyshire pays £12.50 to have the oil taken away. When you are talking to potential sources of oil tell them you will pay £15.00 per drum but not if there are any animal fats in it, you may find it worthwhile to provide them an extra bin or tub to put the Animal Fats in. It is important to get the best old oil that you can. 3 Even with old oil, I still blend it with new oil before modifying the oil. I have tried in this guide to cut out a lot of the fluff or padding that you will find in other similar guides but still giving you the details of where to go to both check out what I have written and to get more “in-depth” data about this fascinating subject."

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