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Irish songs - words and music, software
SKU: is/ebook/000
Binding: .exe file

Publisher: The Information about Ireland Site

Description: This ebook not only contains the lyrics to the most popular of Irish traditional, drinking and folk songs but also contains the actual music. You can listen to the music on your PC!

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How to build a paper watermill
SKU: hbpw/ebook/000

This ebook is a very simple 2 page plan. Ideally a waterwheel should be made with a material like wood or plastic that will not go soggy and floppy in water. But, as these need to be cut out with hacksaws or very sharp knives, it is much safer if models are made with cardboard—though they will soon disintegrate when used in water!!

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How to make a paper windmill
SKU: htbapw/ebook/000

This is a very simple two page plan to help you make a paper windmill. Just for fun....

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Instructions in handicrafts (Brompton library)
SKU: IIH/260/000
From the cover: An introduction to a wide range of popular handicrafts including paper craft, lino printing, picture framing, woodworking, carving, modelling, leatherwork, etc.
Free Guitar Lessons for Absolute Beginners
SKU: fgl/ebook/000
Binding: pdf - ebook, download. 17 pages.

A no frills step-by-step manual to get you started and up to intermediate level: perfect if you're unsure the guitar's for you, or can't afford lessons.

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This product is free - click the 'More' button below to see more detail then add to your cart. You will get the download links when you check out your cart.

Trees and How to Paint them in Watercolours ebook
SKU: thpw/ebook/000/000


"I DON'T know how it is, but I can't do trees" is a remark an artist frequently hears; and it is too often justified by the poor and crude attempts at tree painting that accompany it. And to the regretful exclamation perhaps something is added about "want of knack" the "right sort of touch" as though, in order to successfully draw or paint a tree (as distinct from the painting of any other object) some extraordinary gift or sleight of hand were necessary, some special cleverness of manipulation that should enable its possessor to accomplish "tree-work" perhaps without effort, and certainly without very much study. "I'm very fond of out-door sketching, nothing is so nice; and although I love trees, and have tried to paint them many times, somehow or other I can't manage it," continues the disconsolate artist. This idea of natural inability in regard to tree-painting perhaps becomes in him a settled conviction and he goes floundering on for of course he cannot give up his sketching, blotting in his trees with meaningless and inartistic dabs (which by-and-by become his recipe) and from this very hopelessness, making little or no attempt at reproducing the forms, which, as a matter of fact, he sees quite plainly, and is perfectly conscious of.

Now, this theory of spontaneous foliage-cleverness we entirely disagree with. Of course a natural love of art is quite essential to success in any kind of painting, but we hold that, given the artistic ability, it is just as capable of being turned in the direction of tree-painting as in any other; and with success, if only the study of tree form be set about in a right manner and with conviction. "Freedom of handling" we are told, and "lightness of touch" are necessary to tree-painting. This is undoubtedly true, for a tree is an object that is continually on the move, swayed by the wind first one way and then the other and through which a bird can fly. It is only with certain dexterity that this appearance of life and motion can be given.

But "freedom of handling" is only another name for that sureness of brush which results from practice, and from the knowledge obtained by the mastery of the subject from its elemental stages upwards. When painting a tree it should always be kept in mind and never forgotten, that it is a tree, composed of delicate, feathery leaves, and not a solid, immovable substance like brick or stone. It ought to be the painter's aim to portray the quality and material of the tree as well as its form and colour.

The Blacksmith's Craft - 1952, ebook
SKU: tbc/ebook/000/000
Binding: pdf 116 pages

This book, first published in 1952, aimed to meet the needs of craftsmen, technical schools and apprentices training at the time. Today this book continues to be a valuable resource for those studying and working in the blacksmiths craft. The skill of the smith has been faithfully recorded in sequences of still photographs married to brief descriptive captions. The sequences are arranged in lessons which should not be difficult to follow if text, drawings and photographs are carefully studied.

Published by the Rural Development Commission. 116 pages detailing tools, equipment, fire, work and materials, techniques, etc. Hundreds of b&W ilustrations and photographs.

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing
SKU: cgtwf/ebook/000/000

Wood finishing can be tricky and after spending hours on building your project you want to be sure that you get the best outcome possible.

In The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing you will learn how to get beautiful, professional results no matter what your project is, even if you have never tried your hand at wood finishing before.

Tags and Toppers (Twenty to Make)
SKU: tat/100/100
Binding: Paperback: 48 pages

Never be stuck for inspiration again with this delicious book-full of ideas for homemade tags & toppers. With the help of these nifty ideas, you'll get great results using the simple paper scraps from your stash! Tags & Toppers contains 20 ideas to make tonight. Give a smiley snowman a snow globe twist, get funky with layered felt or try Christmas pud toppers. There's something for everyone here. A handy bonus is the ready-to-trace shape templates, coupled with easy step-by-step instructions

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Layered Cards
SKU: lc/100/100
Binding: Paperback: 48 pages
Renowned crafter Joanna Sheen has designed twenty beautiful layered cards you will want to make using simple techniques and gorgeous backing papers and toppers.This book features: twenty great designs; twenty alternative colour schemes; clear step-by-step instructions; and, readily available materials.All the materials required to make the cards shown in this book are available worldwide with no shipping charge from the author's website.
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Upholstering a Chair
SKU: uac/ebook/000
Binding: Pdf - ebook, download. 24
This 24-page guide describes tools, materials, and techniques for upholstering chairs.
Repairing Chair Seats with Cane
SKU: pcsc/ebook/000
Binding: ebook - pdf
This is a 15-page illustrated guide to repairing cane chairs at home.
Terra Cotta Work - Modelling, Moulding, and Firing
SKU: cam/tcw/236/000
Binding: Softback

This book covers in detail the factory production techniques of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. The production of mantles, chimney pots, sculptures and etc... It is a reprint of a 1905 book.

Copper Work: An Illustrated Text Book for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts
SKU: cam/cw/187/444
Binding: Softback
A good, well-illustrated instructional manual for senior school pupils on producing objects and items from flat sheets of copper or brass. Shows what types of saws, hammers and anvils to use, how to make simple objects such as hinges, finger pulls and box corners, how to anneal a sheet of copper and work it on an anvil to produce a pitcher and other items, draw wire, and small tubing, polish, and even simple enamelling. The products are mainly decorative, but the information applies to model engineering. An excellent book on general copperworking, rather than boilermaking. Numerous illustrations, and the instructions are to the point.
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