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A Wind Turbine Recipe ebook - The Axial Flux Plans - Metric

A Wind Turbine Recipe ebook  - The Axial Flux Plans  - Metric
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Author Hugh Piggott
Binding ebook. Two versions in Download - PDF and epub
Publisher Hugh Piggott
Published date 2014
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Construction manual for wind turbines for battery charging. From 1.2 metres to 4.2 metres diameter. All aspects including carving blades from wood, making the alternator using permanent magnets, welding the frame. All done with simple tools. These recipes are used by many groups and individuals around the world.

A very practical, hands-on guide to building your own wind turbine, complete with drawings and detailed specifications of all the materials and processes. Six different sizes of turbines are covered, and also three different battery voltages for each and some guidance for those who wish to connected directly the mains grid. This publication is the fruit of ten years spent teaching practical courses during which wind turbines are built and tested.

Hugh Piggott has spent thirty years off grid an uses wind energy for his own power. He has designed several turbines for manufacture in developing world situations and written a very popular book 'Windpower Workshop' about the theory of wind turbine design and installation. Numerous groups worldwide have started to build wind turbines according to Hugh's recipes and to teach similar courses so as to help others to build their own turbines.