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195 Windmill, Wind Generator and Wind Turbine and Related Patents DOWNLOAD
SKU: 195wt/ebook/000/000

This Download is full of information related to windmills and their various components, with hundreds of images plus descriptions of how and from what materials wind mills are constructed and of the functional attributes of their various components and designs.

8 foot stem dingy plan - ebook
SKU: boat/ebook/dandy/0
18 page plan with detailed instructions to build an 8 foot wooden craft that can ve sailed, rowed or fitted with an outboard motor. Full parts list and tool list.
A Chinese Biogas Manual
SKU: acbm/ebook/000/000

Since the 1950s China has experimented with the production of biogas from agricultural wastes, a practice based upon an age-old Chinese tradition of composting human, animal and plant wastes to produce an organic fertilizer of high quality. The breakthrough came in 1975 when a process was developed to ferment the materials in an airtight and watertight container in order to produce methane gas. This was then collected for use as fuel for motors, cooking and lighting.

This plan is a translation of a Chinese manual. With 136 pages and numerouse diagrams it provides an excellent resource for the construction of digesters and the utilisation of the gas broduced.

A Wind Turbine Recipe ebook - The Axial Flux Plans - Metric
SKU: wtrb2014/ebook/000/599
Construction manual for wind turbines for battery charging. From 1.2 metres to 4.2 metres diameter. All aspects including carving blades from wood, making the alternator using permanent magnets, welding the frame. All done with simple tools. These recipes are used by many groups and individuals around the world. Available as PDF and EPUB.
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Alternator secrets - ebook
SKU: as/ebook/0/0

In the last two decades alternators have replaced generators in motor vehicles. The reasons are many: output current can be produced at lower rpm, voltage can be more accurately' controlled with solid state regulators, alternators need less maintenance, and they cost less to manufacture.

When modified, auto alternators can provide variable direct current at 0 to 120 volts for battery charging, hot charging, light arc welding, or for running AC-DC appliances and lights. Another simple modification provides AC power to run some transformer-operated appliances. If you know the secrets of its operation and the modifications possible, the small low-cost alternator can become a versatile power plant.

Surprisingly, alternators are constructed with three sets of field windings positioned evenly at 120 degree intervals inside the frame. Such construction produces three-phase AC.

Biogas - 20 ebooks for making your own Biogas Generator - Download
SKU: bd/ebook/000

This download is like a mini website. You will receive a zip file containing web pages, files, etc. There are 20 ebooks/PDFs, plus web links and video links all designed to help you understand better biogas productions. Many of the documents and videos are specifically chosen to help you create your own biogas project. You will need to unpack the ZIp file after download and click on index.html. 

Please note this is a large file of approximately 54mb.




Blacksmith's Manual - ebook
SKU: bm/ebook/000/000
Reprint of 1930 book, complete text on 220 pages with illustrations.
Build a Wooden Oscillating Engine
SKU: bawoe/cam/152/444
If you are starting in model engineering, have just bought your first lathe, or enlisted at night school, and are wondering what to build, Martin Gearing’s wooden oscillating engine, the building of which is described here, is an excellent first project. Equally, if you are looking for a project to enthuse the younger generation to make something that works, under your supervision, they don’t come better than this.
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Copper Work: An Illustrated Text Book for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts
SKU: cam/cw/187/444
A good, well-illustrated instructional manual for senior school pupils on producing objects and items from flat sheets of copper or brass. Shows what types of saws, hammers and anvils to use, how to make simple objects such as hinges, finger pulls and box corners, how to anneal a sheet of copper and work it on an anvil to produce a pitcher and other items, draw wire, and small tubing, polish, and even simple enamelling. The products are mainly decorative, but the information applies to model engineering. An excellent book on general copperworking, rather than boilermaking. Numerous illustrations, and the instructions are to the point.
Electrical Things Boys Like To Make 1954
SKU: etblm/312/cam/525
Projects in this book include: bells, torches, telegraph key, crystal sets, telephones and circuits, chimes, motors and the like, plus here the rather more dangerous Burning Pencil, Arcing Pencil, Table Stove and a Corn Popper. What does make this book different is is the layout, with a lot more photographs, and the last 50 or so pages, which mainly consist of good instruction on basic construction techniques - coil winding, soldering, building a punching jig, the general use of hand tools and much more.
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Garden Cold Frame plan - ebook
SKU: gcfp/ebook/000

A terrific way to extend the gardening season is with a cold frame. These can be used to warm the soil, grow plants as in a minigreenhouse or to protect plants like a giant cloche. They’re also good for holding flats of seedlings you’ve started or plants that arrived too early to set out.

Handbook of Homemade Power - Mother Earth News
SKU: hhp/244/816

Bantam 1974 374 p. Includes: illustrations, diagrams, index. 4-1/4" x 7". Alternative energy information, collected and published during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Sections on heating and powering your home with wood, water, wind, solar, and methane.

This book features firsthand reports from people who have found ways to beat the power crisis. This is priceless alternative energy information with many additional tips, facts and ideas that you can put to use now.

How to Use Tin Can Metal in Science Projects
SKU: htutcm/160/524

Written by a teacher who clearly believed in showing his pupils how they could do something with nothing, or old tin cans, the first 35 pages of this book cover just how you can work tin sheet from cans into many shapes, plus some tools to help. This is followed by instructions on how to build Hero’s Turbine, a Walking Beam Engine, a Crosshead Engine and an Internal Combustion Type of Engine - all from tin cans. In truth, of these only the first is a working model, but the ideas and techniques here are interesting and potentially useful, so consider treating yourself to a copy of this 120 page, profusely illustrated, paperback. Lindsay Publications

Petrol-Driven Motor Cars (1909)
SKU: pdmc/cam/062/000

There is a huge amount of information on all aspects of the early development of the petrol-driven car up to 1909 in the 23 pages of this booklet. Amongst others you get information on the chassis, steering, wheels, transmissions, ignition, motors, and their balancing, all extracted from A Text-Book of Mechanical Engineering, published in London in 1909 although the contents cover British, European and American developments. 35 drawings and diagrams.

Pumps and Hydraulic Rams
SKU: pahr/ebook/000/000

Written by Paul Hasluck this book was published in 1907. The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted to help reading on the kindle and is not just a scanned copy of the original The formal title is Pumps and Hydraulic Rams with numerous engravings and diagrams.

Solar - 35 Passive, PV and Thermal Solar Plans (DOWNLOAD)
SKU: 35SPP/ebook/40/100

Please note this is a large 86mb download a CD is also available. This DOWNLOAD provides information and ideas as well as complete plans for solar projects that can be built at home or a small workshop. The DOWNLOAD contains 35 wind plans in Portable Document Format (PDF) - an open standard for document exchange. The plans are accessed through a menu system (please note the menu system will only run on a PC).

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Tags and Toppers (Twenty to Make)
SKU: tat/100/100

Never be stuck for inspiration again with this delicious book-full of ideas for homemade tags & toppers. With the help of these nifty ideas, you'll get great results using the simple paper scraps from your stash! Tags & Toppers contains 20 ideas to make tonight. Give a smiley snowman a snow globe twist, get funky with layered felt or try Christmas pud toppers. There's something for everyone here. A handy bonus is the ready-to-trace shape templates, coupled with easy step-by-step instructions

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Terra Cotta Work - Modelling, Moulding, and Firing
SKU: cam/tcw/236/000

This book covers in detail the factory production techniques of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. The production of mantles, chimney pots, sculptures and etc... It is a reprint of a 1905 book.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments eBook
SKU: gbc/ebook/000

During the 1960's this book was pulled from all public libraries and banned for sale by the government. The reason was the experiments and information contained were considered too dangerous for the general public, especially young children. The hard copy of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is extremely rare and very expensive if your lucky enough to find a copy for sale.

This educational and fun book shows you how to set up a home laboratory and how to conduct over 200 simple experiments. It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject or for parents who want to broaden their child’s understanding of science.

This great book describes what chemistry is and covers the equipment required, the words used by chemists with meanings and allows you to conduct your own experiments and learn. Each experiment is set out in simple easy to follow steps and tells you what materials you will need and how to do it.

The Monkey Wrench Gang Mass Market Paperback
SKU: mwg/205/000
Audacious, controversial and hilarious, The Monkey Wrench Gang is Edward Abbey's masterpiece - a big, boisterous and unforgettable novel about freedom and commitment that ignited the flames of environmental activism. 
Throughout the vast American West, nature is being vicitimized by a Big Government / Big Business conspiracy of bridges, dams and concrete. But a motley gang of individuals has decided that enough is enough. A burnt-out veteran, a mad doctor and a polygamist join forces in a noble cause: to dismantle the machinery of progress through peaceful means, or otherwise.
The Serpents of Paradise: A Reader
SKU: sop/798/650

The late Abbey was not only a singularly talented novelist some of whose books have acquired cult status (The Brave Cowboy; The Monkey Wrench Gang; The Fool's Progress), but also a polemicist of considerable force and an eloquent essayist. This anthology, edited by his longtime editor and friend Macrae, makes for a splendid summary of his best work?though it does not slight his faults. Abbey was above all a committed craftsman ("I write to make a difference"); and his passions?about the rape by ranchers and the industrial powers of his beloved Western desert country, the progressive disintegration of the quality of modern life, the dread development that would "democratize" wilderness by making it easily accessible to all?are on plain view. So, too, are his liabilities: his occasional outbursts of xenophobia and old-fashioned sexism, his gleefully overweening destructive fantasies. Abbey was an anarchist at heart, an often difficult loner who would probably find life unendurable in any organized, populous society. But as an analyst and gadfly of so many contemporary absurdities, and as a powerfully lyrical chronicler of desert solitudes and communion with nonhuman nature (something like Barry Lopez in a snit), he is in a class by himself. Anyone who doesn't already know his work will find this volume, culled from more than a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction, an addictive introduction.

Thermal, Passive Solar and PV Plans (DOWNLOAD)
SKU: psw/070/0501

This ZIP file contains ebooks including a very detailed ebook on passive solar water heating. Although written in 1981 in contains some very good information and is very well illustrated with diagrams and pictures in black and white. If you are interested in building a solar hot water sustem this is a great read and should help your a great deal.

Unbuilding: Salvaging the Architectural Treasure of Unwanted Houses
SKU: usatu/cat/1108/499
Unbuilding? Think building an old house, only in reverse. Two of the country’s leading experts on salvaging unwanted house explain the “green” art of unbuilding and take us on a fascinating tour of the process. Covering everything from assessing a building for salvage potential to deconstructing a whole house safely. The ultimate guide to taking apart a building and rescuing its reusable part and pieces. Many of these materials, including ornate hardware, period lighting and long lengths of hardwood flooring are of a quality that’s unmatched by anything available new.

Discover fascinating details on construction techniques for houses both ancient and of more contemporary vintage, and helpful methods to determine their value or salvagability. Unbuilding covers a variety of projects, from simply dismantling a wall to completely unbuilding an entire house safely, while saving the reusable parts and pieces for another building or purpose. You'll find just how satisfying, fun and economical it can be to reuse old building materials - whether for their original purpose or for decorating.

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Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia - ebook
SKU: vge/ebook/000

Any gardener will tell you that gardening is one of the most absorbing and rewarding occupations you can undertake. Any gardener will also tell you — probably loudly and at length — that gardening requires patience, resilience, hard w o r k , and a lot of planning. Paperwork is probably the last thing you have in mind when you think about growing your o w n vegetables. More likely you see yourself leaning contently on your spade as all sorts of lush, healthy plants shoot up in front of your eyes.

Water Turbine & Turbine Related Patents DOWNLOAD
SKU: wtp/000/0000

This Download is loaded with information related to water turbines and turbine parts and accessories, with descriptions of how they work, how they are constructed, their functions and use, with detailed images of turbine designs.


Sample Titles of Patented Inventions from this Download
Ambient pressure water turbine
Apparatus and method for controlling water turbine
Apparatus and methods for controlling the supply of water mist to a gas-turbine compressor
Apparatus comprising a turbine and associated water extractor and method of translating the potential energy of deep sea water into useful work
Apparatus for controlling the operation of a water turbine or a pump turbine and a method thereof
Apparatus for preventing blowing out of the water supply of constant pressure air storage installations of gas turbine power plants
Bearing cooling system in horizontal shaft water turbine generator
Channel for feeding water to a vertical-axis Kaplan water turbine
Combined water-wash and wet-compression system for a gas turbine compressor and related method
Constant pressure air storage installation with water supply for gas turbine power plants
Constant pressure storage installation with water supply for gas turbine power plants
Control system for gas turbine inlet-air water-saturation and supersaturation system
Control systems and methods for water injection in a turbine engine
Device and method for degassing make-up water for a steam turbine process
Double acting turbine for converting wave energy of water to electrical power
Driving and water pouring control device for dental air-turbine handpiece
Fabrication of gas turbine water-cooled composite nozzle and bucket hardware employing plasma spray process
Floating water turbine
Fuel nozzles with water injection for gas turbine engines
Gas turbine engine system with water injection
Gas turbine engine water ingestion compensation system
Gas turbine engine with improved water ingestion prevention
Gas turbine engine with water injection
Gas turbine having water droplet injector
Gas turbine having water spray injection control
Gas turbine inlet air integrated water saturation and supersaturation system and related process
Gas turbine installation with regenerator and water injection
Gas turbine pilot burner water injection and method of operation
Gas turbine plant having a water or steam cooled energy exchanger
Gas turbine power plant fired by a water-bearing fuel and method for utilizing the heat value of said fuel
Gas turbine with water injection
Grooved visco seal for stationary discharge chamber of water-cooled turbine generator
Hand-held cleaning tool with remote water turbine power source
Helical turbine assembly operable under multidirectional gas and water flow for power and propulsion systems
Hydraulic turbine for enhancing the level of dissolved gas in water
Hydroelectric turbine for producing electricity from a water current
Liquid fuel and water injection purge system for a gas turbine
Liquid fuel and water injection purge systems and method for a gas turbine having a three-way purge valve
Method and apparatus for controlling a water turbine
Method and apparatus for monitoring the fuel and water supply of a gas turbine multiburner system
Method and apparatus for operating a steam turbine plant having feed water heaters
Method and apparatus for optimizing the operating parameters of a double-regulated water turbine
Method of assembling a turbine runner situated in a water passageway
Method of controlling operating depth of an electricity-generating device having a tethered water current-driven turbine
Method of fabricating composite structures for water cooled gas turbine components
Method of manufacturing stay ring for water turbine and pump turbine
Method of operating water-turbine or pump water-turbine
Method of protecting gas turbine combustor components against water erosion and hot corrosion
Methods and apparatus for injecting water into gas turbine engines
Methods and apparatus for water injection in a turbine engine
Nozzles for water injection in a turbine engine
Oil and water supply system for a gas turbine
Power generating water turbine
Process for producing turbine bucket with water droplet erosion protection
Reactor-turbine control for low steam pressure operation in a pressurized water reactor
Seal arrangement for a discharge chamber for water cooled turbine generator rotor
Steam turbine control utilizing a water hydraulic drive
System and method for determining gas turbine firing and combustion reference temperatures having correction for water content in fuel
System for operating a boiling water reactor steam turbine plant with a combined digital computer and analog control
System for operating a boiling water reactor steam turbine power plant utilizing dual analog throttle pressure controllers
System for providing early warning of potential water induction events and enabling rapid steam turbine restarts
Turbine drive water sprinkler
Turbine generator for use in axial water flow
Turbine rotor tip water collector
Turbine water atomizer
Under water hydro-turbine energy generator design
Valving system for water flow to turbine engine emission system
Venturi for use in the swirl cup package of a gas turbine combustor having water injected therein
Water augmented indirectly-fired gas turbine systems and method
Water collector for steam turbine exhaust system
Water cooled automotive gas turbine engine
Water current turbine sleeve mounting
Water driven turbine
Water injection into a gas turbine using purge air
Water injection system for industrial gas turbine engine
Water trap valve for fail safe operation of an air inleakage monitoring system in a steam turbine
Water treatment system for ultrasonic inspection of turbine rotors from the bore
Water turbine
Water turbine and brush head using the water turbine for cleaning pipes
Water turbine and moving blade of water turbine
Water turbine arrangement
Water turbine arrangement for power generation
Water turbine arrangement for power generation using tidal energy
Water turbine generator system
Water turbine or water pump
Water wheel turbine for water power stations
Water-cooled turbine blade
Water-injected stoichiometric-combustion gas turbine engine
Water-turbine runner and process for manufacturing the same
Whirl-wind vertical axis wind and water turbine

Important Note: United States and UK law prohibits a person from making, using, selling, or offering for sale any invention claimed by a patent that has not yet expired. Some of the patents on this CD may not yet be expired. You must consult a patent attorney before making, using, selling, or offering for sale the inventions claimed by such patents.

Where Division Ends: On Feeling at Home in Chaos (Paperback)
SKU: wde/243/000
In this book of essays Maurice Ash unpicks the fallacy of fragmented and compartmentalized knowledge. Although each essay stands alone, the underlying theme is to unequivocally expose the inherent falsehood of Cartesian dualism. From Ash’s perspective, the deep cause that lies at the root of the multiple crises facing Western societies is the split between self and the world, between subject and object, the observer and the observed.

With his powerful arrows of Buddhist logic, he hits two targets. First, there is no Self separate from the World. It is the notion of the Self which has given birth to self-centred, self-seeking, selfish and egotistical individualism. Only by moving away from the illusion of Self can we embrace the reality of community. “The world is constituted of the relationships of relationships”, says the author. The second target Ash aims to demolish is the notion of metaphysics, which gives birth to idealism, utopianism, communism and all the other isms. For the author, reality is in the here and the now—it is in the way we live our everyday life.

In Maurice Ash’s view, the way out of our predicament is simple; look at the world and see it whole. Only within that whole can we nurture a sense of place and a sense of community. Community, by nature, has to be of a human scale. In other words, small is beautiful.
Maurice Ash has been Chairman of the Town and Country Planning Association, The Dartington Hall Trust in Devon and The Green Alliance. He has written some half-dozen books, of which this is the last.
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