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195 Windmill, Wind Generator and Wind Turbine and Related Patents DOWNLOAD

195 Windmill, Wind Generator and Wind Turbine and Related Patents DOWNLOAD
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This Download is full of information related to windmills and their various components, with hundreds of images plus descriptions of how and from what materials wind mills are constructed and of the functional attributes of their various components and designs.

Sample Titles of Patented Inventions from this Download
Adjustable windmill
Aeolian windmill
Aerodynamic brake on a wind rotor for a windmill
Anti-moment gyro for windmill
Apparatus for windmill starts in gas turbine engines
Armature lift windmill
Balanced, high output, rapid rotation wind turbine (Weathervane multi-rotor windmill)
Bird and flower windmill
Blade for windmill
Blade structure for use in a windmill
Cable suspended windmill
Cable wind mill
Chrysanthemum plant named--Illini Windmill
Collapsible vertical wind mill
Combined toy bat and windmill
Compound coaxial windmill
Control mechanism for a windmill
Control system for a vertical axis windmill
Controllable camber windmill blades
Decorative windmill
Devaporizer-windmill system and apparatus
Divisible cabin for a windmill
Drive for a windmill
Driving vane assembly for a windmill
Elliptical propeller and windmill blade assembly
Energy conversion system using windmill
Horizontal axis windmill
Horizontal multidirectional turbine windmill
Horizontal windmill
Horizontal windmill with folding blades
Magnetically levitated windmill
Method and apparatus for controlling windmill blade pitch
Method and apparatus for windmill starts in gas turbine engines
Method for setting pitch on a windmill airfoil
Mill, particularly windmill
Modular windmill installation
Multaxel windmill
Multi-blade rotor for a windmill-type apparatus
Multivane windmill
Multi-wheel windmill electro-generator
Novelty windmill
Offset-axis windmill having inclined power shaft
Panemone windmill
Polygonal windmill
Power potentiating windmill
Propeller or a set of wings for a wind mill
Propeller type windmill for power generation
Push-pull windmill head having double beam pumping jack
Reciprocating windmill pumping system
Rotor construction for windmill
Sail powered windmill
Sail-type windmill wheel
Self-fairing windmill vane
Self-protecting/ornamental windmill
Self-regulating vertical axis windmill
Self-regulating windmill
Self-restored windmill
Self-starting windmill energy conversion system
Severe climate windmill
Sonic windmill for bicycles
Speed control system for a windmill
Speed governing hub for windmill
Support means for a windmill
Support spoke for a windmill
Tetrahedral windmill
Toy windmill
Toy windmill and noise maker
Toy windmill arm or similar article
Toy windmill with convenient assembly features
Transmission configuration for crystal ball having shape of wind mill
Trick windmill novelty
United sail windmill
Vacuum switch including windmill-shaped electrodes
Vacuum switch tube including windmill electrodes
Variable pitch mounting for airfoil blades of a windmill or propeller
Vertical axis wind mill with retractable sails
Vertical axis windmill
Vertical axis windmill with multistage feathering of blades and safety storm control
Vertical axle windmill
Vertical shaft windmill
Vertical windmill
Vertical windmill with omnidirectional diffusion
Vertical-axis wind mill supported by a fluid
Vertical-axis windmill
Vertical-axis windmill of the Chinese type
Vortex-augmented cooling tower-windmill combination
Water pumping push-pull windmill
Wind mill wing with air brake
Wind mill with a suspension for cables and the like, such suspension for cables and the like and a holder for such suspension
Windmill accelerator
Windmill and method to use same to generate electricity, pumped air or rotational shaft energy
Windmill and windmill control method
Windmill apparatus
Windmill aromatic container
Windmill blade
Windmill blade and processes related thereto
Windmill blade stalling and speed control device
Windmill blade with booster members
Windmill construction
Windmill device
Windmill driven eddy current heater
Windmill energy system
Windmill engine starting system with fluid driven motor and pump
Windmill for scaring birds
Windmill generator
Windmill generator apparatus
Windmill having blades which alter their pitch angles automatically in response to both wind speed and load
Windmill having centrifically feathered rotors to control rotor speed
Windmill having counterbalancing mechanism
Windmill having thermal and electric power output
Windmill head
Windmill hub
Windmill in combination with a torch support
Windmill mechanism
Windmill model
Windmill operated system
Windmill ornament or the like
Windmill pitching machine
Windmill plant for generating energy
Windmill power apparatus and method
Windmill power generator
Windmill power system
Windmill powerplant
Windmill pump drive system
Windmill rotor
Windmill rotor and blades
Windmill rotor and wind blades therefor
Windmill speed limiting system utilizing hysteresis
Windmill structure
Windmill structure and power generator
Windmill structures and systems
Windmill support structure
Windmill tower
Windmill tower shadow eliminator
Windmill wheel
Windmill with annular flywheel
Windmill with automatic feathering control and storm protection
Windmill with controller for controlling rotor RPM
Windmill with cyclically feathering blades
Windmill with direction-controlled feathering
Windmill with radial vanes
Windmill with removable wind vane plates arranged in multi-rows-and-lines
Windmill with shroud adjusting means
Windmill yaw and speed controls
Windmill-shaped electrode for vacuum circuit interrupter
Wingtip windmill and method of use
Yawing system for a wind mill
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