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Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, foliage, or overall appearance; useful plants, such as root vegetables, leaf vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are grown for consumption, for use as dyes, or for medicinal or cosmetic use. A gardener is someone who practices gardening, either professionally or as a hobby.

Gardening ranges in scale from fruit orchards, to long boulevard plantings with one or more different types of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants, to residential yards including lawns and foundation plantings, to plants in large or small containers grown inside or outside. Gardening may be very specialized, with only one type of plant grown, or involve a large number of different plants in mixed plantings. It involves an active participation in the growing of plants, and tends to be labor intensive, which differentiates it from farming or forestry.


Growing Kiwifruit
SKU: gk/ebook/000

This 26 page ebook describes the Kiwi Fruit plant and how to grow the wonderful fruits.

Compost bin plan - wooden, ebook, £0.30
SKU: cbp/ebook/000/000

This plan shows you how to build a slatted wooden compost bin. Good design and well illustrated.

This composter has four things going for it. First, it’s bigger than many ready-made plastic units, which have to trade off function in the interests of easy shipping. Our shop-built design also has a removable lid with a built-in sifting screen made of 1/2" hardware cloth to ensure that only fully rotted compost gets to your garden. The louvred front keeps air circulating and is also removable, making it easy to fork out your black gold. And finally, it looks great, especially as it weathers grey without a finish.

This design is also easy to expand—add on a second or even a third composter and you can have different piles at different stages of decomposition. While you’re filling one composter with new organic matter, you can take rich, garden-ready compost from the other.

Garden Cold Frame plan - ebook
SKU: gcfp/ebook/000

A terrific way to extend the gardening season is with a cold frame. These can be used to warm the soil, grow plants as in a minigreenhouse or to protect plants like a giant cloche. They’re also good for holding flats of seedlings you’ve started or plants that arrived too early to set out.

Bee Hive Construction plans and ideas - ebook
SKU: bhcp/ebook/000/000

This ebook contains five plans to help you build a bee hive. Available through instant download.

Home vegetable gardening - ebook
SKU: hvg/ebook/000
With some, the home vegetable garden is a hobby; with others,
especially in these days of high prices, a great help. There are many
in both classes whose experience in gardening has been restricted
within very narrow bounds, and whose present spare time for gardening
is limited. It is as "first aid" to such persons, who want to do
practical, efficient gardening, and do it with the least possible fuss
and loss of time, that this book is written. In his own experience the
author has found that garden books, while seldom lacking in
information, often do not present it in the clearest possible way. It
has been his aim to make the present volume first of all practical, and
in addition to that, though comprehensive, yet simple and concise. If
it helps to make the way of the home gardener more clear and definite,
its purpose will have been accomplished.
The country living guide - ebook
SKU: tclg/ebook/000/000

Very large - 770 - page ebook about country living and self sufficiency. Please note that this download is over 30mb.

Hydroponics - getting started everything you need to know, ebook
SKU: hgseyntk/ebook/000

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to the art of hydroponics. This a very large ebook - 6mb and will be downloaded as a zip file. The ebook is is in pdf format.

The Art and Science of Composting
SKU: tasc/ebook/000/000

Composting is controlled decomposition, the natural breakdown process of organic residues. Composting transforms raw organic waste materials into biologically stable, humic substances that make excellent soil amendments. Compost is easier to handle than manure and other raw organic materials, stores well and is odor-free.

Methane Recovery from Animal Manures - ebook - The current opportunities casebook
SKU: mrfam/ebook/000/000

150 page pdf document.

Growth and concentration of the livestock industry create opportunities for the proper disposal of the large quantities of manures generated at dairy, swine, and poultry farms. Pollutants from unmanaged livestock wastes can degrade the environment, and methane emitted from decomposing manure may contribute to global climate change. One management system not only provides pollution prevention but also can convert a manure problem into a new profit center. Economic evaluations and case studies of operating systems indicate that the anaerobic digestion (AD) of livestock manures is a commercially available bioconversion technology with considerable potential for providing profitable coproducts, including a cost-effective renewable fuel for livestock production operations. This Casebook examines some of the current opportunities for the recovery of methane from the AD animal manures. U.S. livestock operations currently employ four types of anaerobic digester technology: slurry, plug-flow, complete-mix, and covered lagoon. An introduction to the engineering economies of these technologies is provided, and possible end-use applications for the methane gas generated by the digestion process are discussed. The economic evaluations are based on engineering studies of digesters that generate electricity from the recovered methane. Case studies of operating digesters, with project and maintenance histories and the operators “lessons learned,” are included as reality checks. Factors necessary for successful projects, as well as a list of reasons explaining why some AD projects fail, are provided. The role of farm management is key; not only must digesters be well engineered and built with high-quality components, they must also be sited at farms willing to incorporate the uncertainties of a new technology. More than two decades of research has provided much information about how manure can be converted to an energy source; however, the American farmer has not been motivated to adopt new practices. More cost-effective and easily managed manure management techniques are still needed to encourage farmers to use animal manure for conversion into energy and nutrients, especially for smaller farms. AD benefits farmers monetarily and mitigates possible manure pollution problems, thereby sustaining development while maintaining environmental quality. Moreover, rural economic development will benefit from the implicit multiplier effect resulting from jobs created by implementing digester systems. Promising future waste-to-profit activities may add to the economic performance of AD. New end-use applications, which provide added value to coproducts, are discussed.

Dairy Goats: Sustainable Production - ebook
SKU: dgsp/ebook/000

Dairy Goats: Sustainable Production is intended for those interested in starting a commercial goat dairy. It discusses the five major considerations to be addressed in planning for dairy goat production: labor, sales and marketing, processing, regulations, and budgeting and economics. It includes production information specific to dairy goats, including choosing breeds and selecting stock. A resource list for further information about dairy goat production follows the end notes.

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Gardener's Delight
SKU: gd/238/000

A compendium of gardener's lore, containing all manner of edible fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each one illustrated in colour and accompanied by a text suffused with history, anecdote, quotation, folklore, humour, wisdom gossip and advice. The text is by John Seymour, an expert in the art of growing your own food and the illustrations are by Peter Morter one of Britain’s leading botanical illustrators. This book is a fascinating and entertaining read. It is in very good condition but a cut has been made to top corner of first blank page to remove an original owner's name and address. First Edition

Beekeeping factsheet - free ebook
SKU: lili/bk/000
The art and craft of keeping the honey bee Apis mellifera. Honey bees are highly social insects, living in extremely well-organised groups; each member has a specific job to do, and no bee can survive without the colony. Beekeepers provide hives for colonies of bees to live in. A hive will have one queen who lays eggs in the brood chambers. The drones’ sole purpose in life is to fertilise the queen, and the rest are workers, who make the cells of the combs, clean them, fill them with pollen and honey, feed and tend to the young bee larvae, guard the hive and forage for nectar and pollen. The skill of the beekeeper is to maintain the colony at maximum strength while they are producing honey, and to prevent them from becoming overcrowded and swarming. Bees only need to be tended in spring and summer; from late autumn and throughout the winter they remain in a state of semi-hibernation. The beekeeper takes the surplus honey and in a good season a single hive can produce up to 80kg - plenty for a large family, with a surplus for local sale or barter. Bees are an excellent enterprise in an urban area, if you have a small garden, or even a rooftop space to site a hive. The bees will thrive on the abundant flowers in gardens and their flight path will be well above human heads.
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Composting factsheet - free ebook
SKU: lili/c/000

Composting is the breakdown (or decomposition) of organic material (anything that was once alive) in the presence of oxygen (i.e. aerobic decomposition). Organic material can also decompose without oxygen, but this is slower and smellier, and tends to be called anaerobic decomposition or digestion. The composting process involves many tiny organisms, including bacteria, fungi, insects and worms. These organisms utilise the two main components of organic waste – carbon and nitrogen – and work in a series of stages. Each group breaks down organic material a little more and converts it into a form suitable for the next group in the chain to act upon. The end result is a beautiful crumbly compost that contains a mix of minerals that plants can absorb as nutrients.

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Gardening A - Z - Mother Earth News - ebook
SKU: men/gaz/6040

Gardening A-Z brings you the best in vegetable gardening tips and instructions. With this handy, informative guide, you can choose the right varieties for your particular garden and discover new options you’ve never considered before. Our expert and time-tested advice will help you grow healthy, beautiful vegetables — from asparagus to zucchini. You’ll also learn to control pests naturally, plant to improve your soil, and find out when and how to harvest for the best flavor. Also check out seed sources, preservation methods and seed saving techniques. Whether this is your first foray into gardening or you have decades of experience, you’re sure to find helpful tips and instructions in these pages. Happy gardening!

Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia - ebook
SKU: vge/ebook/000

Any gardener will tell you that gardening is one of the most absorbing and rewarding occupations you can undertake. Any gardener will also tell you — probably loudly and at length — that gardening requires patience, resilience, hard w o r k , and a lot of planning. Paperwork is probably the last thing you have in mind when you think about growing your o w n vegetables. More likely you see yourself leaning contently on your spade as all sorts of lush, healthy plants shoot up in front of your eyes.

Arched Greenhouse plans
SKU: aghp/ebook/000/000

Arched green house plan made from PVC pipe

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Cold frame made from PVC pipe, Free
SKU: cfmfpp/ebook/000

Very nice cold frame plan on two pages. With full materials list.

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Small Backyard Greenhouse - free
SKU: sbg/ebook/000
Simple backyard greenhous eplan made from PVC pipe. colour pictures and parts list.
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Avacado Growing - free ebook
SKU: ag/ebook/000/000

Taken from the Introduction: The Avocado ( Persea Americana Miller) is an evergreen tree of the family Lauraceae with seedling plants reaching 67ft (20m) in height with small large, single seeded fruits having yellow to yellowish green butter-like flesh. Mature fruit vary in colour and may be green, yellow, purple or red.

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Self-sufficiency Hen Keeping
SKU: hk/230/000
Self-sufficiency and organic living have never been more prominent and hen keeping is becoming increasingly popular. Part of a growing series of authoritative and inspirational titles, this book provides an introduction to some of the key aspects of aspiring to a self-sufficient lifestyle by keeping your own chickens and benefiting from the produce. You don't need a large garden to keep poultry and an average family only needs a couple of hens to keep them well stocked in fresh eggs all year round. The set-up costs are minimal and you don't need a whole host of expensive gadgets or equipment to care for your chickens. Packed with information on poultry keeping (housing, food and water, daily care, disease prevention and cure, encouraging egg production and breeding), there is also comprehensive information on breeds and a list of useful contacts should you need them.

Mike Hatcher has a lifetime's experience keeping poultry. He began his career in commercial poultry and later crossed into pure breeds. He holds a qualification in Poultry Husbandry from the Lancashire College of Agriculture. He has judged in the UK, USA, Canada and Holland, and writes for various poultry magazines. He is now President of the Poultry Club of Great Britain and has worked with DEFRA to reduce the impact of avian influenza on small poultry keepers.

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Going Organic - Bob Flowerdew
SKU: gobf/bp//360
In Bob's common-sense style, 'Going Organic' proves to be an approachable, practical and pleasurable read. With his vast experience as an organic gardener, he takes you through essential gardening skills, the common pitfalls, cultural, pest and disease problems (identifying each one and how you can combat it), and how to help your garden to fix itself with natural solutions like bird boxes and companion gardening. He also reassures you that you don't have to be totally organic or break your back or bank balance - the common problems are identified and outmanoeuvred by wit and cunning and simple safe remedies rather than reaching for a bottle of poison. This book contains all the knowledge and tips you need to solve most garden problems while becoming a more competent gardener, more naturally.
Small scale mushroom culltivation
SKU: ssmc/ebook/000

This Agrodok contains detailed information on how to grow three kinds of mushrooms: oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms. These mushrooms are rather easy to grow on a small scale. Cultivation of the common white button mushroom and of the rice straw mushroom is very different and will therefore be dealt with in another Agrodok. Much of the information presented here is from my book “Mushroom cultivation and appropriate technologies for commercial mushroom growers”. By concentrating on three mushroom species only and on relatively simple technologies, I hope readers can obtain a sustainable profit from mushroom growing. Bram van Nieuwenhuijzen was the director of the Mushroom Growers’ Training Centre (nowadays known as C Point) at Horst, The Netherlands, for a number of years. He is currently involved in mushroom cultivation projects in several countries as an adviser through PUM Netherlands Senior Experts in The Hague.

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Self-sufficiency Natural Remedies
SKU: nr/228/bp/075
What could be more wonderful that being able to soothe your own and your family's aches and pains naturally? Here Melissa Corkhill gives advice for treating common conditions and illnesses at home using remedies provided by Mother Nature. In this book you'll discover how to treat non-serious complaints, such as coughs, colds and sore throats, as well as suggestions for easing the strain of more permanent conditions like eczema, arthritis and asthma. Packed with easy-to-follow recipes using herbs, essential oils and ingredients found in your kitchen, you'll be making your own natural remedies in no time.
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Self-sufficiency Grow Your Own
SKU: ssgyo/228/bp/075
This is a simple and systematic guide to growing a selection of the tastiest fruit and vegetables. The aim of this book is to start you off with some easy-to-grow produce such as carrots, onions, radishes, tomatoes and strawberries. Once you have the confidence of the first growing season behind you, you can then progress to crops requiring slightly more labour, such as peas, beans and raspberries. When you grow your own produce, you can be absolutely sure that everything has been organically cared for and you can grow just the variety you like. You can pick the fruit and vegetables at their freshest without a tiresome journey to the supermarket. It's satisfying, it's economical and it's delicious.
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Self-sufficiency Herbs and Spices
SKU: sshas/228/bp/075
Some herbs grow vigorously, some are tender and need special growing conditions, some are annuals, some perennials, some you can grow indoors, all can be grown in pots or directly into the ground. There are also certain species, such as chillies, that can be grown in temperate climates. This clear and concise directory of herbs and spices provides all the essential information to help you grow a selection of these flavour-enhancing foods in small or large spaces. Ideas for which herbs and spices go best with which foods also accompany each description, so that you can really enliven your repertoire of recipes.
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Saving Your Own Vegetable Seeds - ebook
SKU: syovs/ebook/000
Good seeds are undoubtedly one of the most important materials for farmers. The seeds must be healthy and, preferably, they must possess all the desirable properties that farmers need such as high yielding, high quality, and resistances to diseases, insect pests and envi- ronmental stresses.
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A Guide to Private Water Systems in Pennsylvania
SKU: gpwsp/ebook/000

A Manual for Rural Homeowners on the Proper Construction and Maintenance of Private Wells, Springs, and Cisterns

Rural homeowners often face challenges in managing their water supply because, unlike public water supplies, managing private water systems is entirely the homeowner’s responsibility. This 164-page manual is intended as a guide for private water system owners in Pennsylvania. From proper location and construction to recommended testing and treatment strategies, it will help you make educated decisions about your water supply.

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, By John Seymour (Paperback)
SKU: tcbossJS/833/559

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency is a book for all seasons. Whether you live in town or country, on a farm or in a cottage, in a house with a garden or a flat with a window-box, this book has something for you. If you want to bake your own bread, brew your own beer, make your own cheese, pickle your own onions, this book will show you how. If you want to make hay, milk a cow, smoke a ham, design a dairy, convert to solar energy, this book will show you how. If you just want to grow your own vegetables, bottle your own fruit, dry your own herbs, this book will demonstrate exactly what to do.

DIY Solar Drip Irrigation
SKU: dddi/ebook/000/000

Instructions are given for the low cost automation of a gravity feed drip irrigation system so that water is pumped automatically from a farm pond (or other water supply) to a header tank and all plants are irrigated automatically.
Part A is for smallholders who wish to minimize the cost by buying all the relevant components either locally or from various suppliers worldwide.

Part B is for smallholders who wish to simplify the installation by ordering the DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit

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